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Always Running

By Aaron, Jack, Jarod, Kevin, and Marygrace

Aaron Mehan

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Always Running

Always Running
Luis Rodriguez

Luis finds the light
Background to the novel
Thesis: Rodriguez portrays the impact of being a Mexican immigrant in East L.A, in his novel,
Always Running
, by falling in and out of gang life, and overcoming social racism by later pursuing a formal education.
"I don't like paying for my mistakes...But it seems like we're paying for everyone's mistakes too. Sometimes we pay even when there's been no mistake...just for being Mexican. That's all the wrong I have to do." (144)

“Don’t speak Spanish, don’t be Mexican - you don’t belong... We were invisible people...The refrain ‘ this is not your country’ echoed for a lifetime.” (20)

“The police didn’t want to hear it. Before long, an officer struck Carlitos with a baton on his knee...One of them put a choke hold on Carlitos as the other struck his legs… ‘Leave him alone - he ain’t doing nothing..’ The paramedics arrived, but the police refused to let them do anything. They left Carlitos lying in the street.” (96)
Historical Context
Prezi by Aaron, Jack, Jarod, Mary Grace, and Kevin
About the Author
Writing Style
Luis and his gang
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Respect and loyalty
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Thee Impersonations

Animal tribe

Los Lomas
Community Center
Also thanks to his mama,papa,
high school principle and Mrs. Baez.
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