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City Of Ember Character Traits

No description

courtney Mielke

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of City Of Ember Character Traits

City Of Ember Character Traits
Lina's Character Traits
Lina is curious and adventures. Lina is unsure what the measage full of holes says, she thinks it is instuctions leading to a new and colorful world. Lina is really looking fowerd to going to a new world with Doon and Poppy. She is so depressed about Granny passing away.
Doon's Character Traits
Doon is serios. Doon is intrestid in bugs and he hopes that he will find new speises of bugs in the Pipeworks. He to is exited about going to a new world with Lina and Poppy. He is interested in the candles and matches. Someday he wants to be in charge of the genorateor.
Granny's Character Traits
Granny is hilarios because she once ripped the soafa open trying to find something important. Granny liked to take care of Lina and Poppy because she loved them both. Grany got sick and passed away one night and now Lina and Poppy stay with their naighbor. Granny was a very kind old women.
Poppy's Character Traits
Poppy is a very funny young child because she chewed up the instructions. She wondered away and got scared in the blackout, Doon took her to his dad's shop so after the blackout he could give her to Lina. Poppy is scared when they go on the boat ride to the new world.

Lizzie's Character Traits
Lizzie is Lina's best friend. She likes Looper and Looper said she is as beautiful as a red tomato. Lizzie thought she had the worst job until Lina pulled out Pipeworks, but Lina traded with Doon for meassenger witch is the best.
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