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Thinking Outside the Box to Close the Achievement Gap

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Amanda Inman

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Thinking Outside the Box to Close the Achievement Gap

What is a student? What makes an effective school district? A belief that they can teach all students
High expectations
A vision
Leadership must focus the organization on the Vision
An aligned strategic planning process
An Plan-Do-Check-Act Instructional Process A student is always the most important person in this
school … in person, on the phone, or through his parent.

A student is not dependent on us…we are dependent on the student.

A student is not an interruption of our work … the student is the purpose of it.

We are not doing a favor by serving the student … the student is doing
us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so.

A student is a human being who brings us his or her desire to learn.

It is our job to handle each student in a manner, which is beneficial to the student and ourselves.

Adapted from an L.L. Bean Company poster: “What is a Customer?”
What makes an effective school ? Strong Instructional Leadership of the Principal
High Expectations and Teacher Behaviors that Convey High Expectations
A Pervasive and Broadly Understood Instructional Focus
A Safe Orderly Climate Conductive to Teaching and Learning
Use of Measures of Pupil Achievement as the Basis of Program Evaluation High Expectations for Success "In effective schools, not only do teachers believe the students can learn, but they also believe that they, the teachers, can teach them. Teachers in effective schools go about their business of teaching with the confidence that they will succeed. They are continuously seeking ways to do their job better, not looking for excuses for not doing it."

Dr. Larry Lezotte Medieval Times Buffers Finding Blame Making Excuses Sacred Cows Traditions Assumptions "It's not my job." "We've always done it that way."
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