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Wecome to the Virgin Islands

No description

gina poblete

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Wecome to the Virgin Islands

Wecome to the Virgin Islands
by: Cara Poblete
The Virgin Islands was founded in 1493 by Columbus. Its made up of 9 main islands, and many smaller ones too.
The first to inhabit the Virgin Islands were the Taino indians(Arawak), Cibony indians, and the Caribs.
In 1671, Danish got it's charter from King Christian V to occupy St.Thomas.
Then, in 1685, the Danish signed a treaty with the Dutch of Brandenburg, allowing them to establish slave trading business.The English bought 6 of 9 islands.
In 1717,a few Danish bought the three remaining islands.(St.Croix, St.Thomas and St. John.) And bought St.Crox from the French.
Then, in 1917, America bought the 3 islands from the Danish for 25 million.
Tourism and trade are 1 of the main economic activities.
The manufacturing sector is made up of distilling, electronics, and watch assembly.
The agriculture sector is small, most of their food is being imported.
Their government is working on supporting construction in the private sector, to increase tourist facilities, to reduce crime, and to protect environment.
In contrast, in the 1700's, sugar became a popular crop, and trading increased. Their population increased.
:59% Protestant, (Baptist 42%, Episcopalian 17%), Roman Catholic34%, other7%.

:105,275 (taken in 2012)

: English 74.7, Spanish 16.8, French 6.6, Other 1.9.

black:76.2, white:13.1, Asian:1.1, other 1.9.(2000 census)
More Facts
The Virgin Islands Territorial colors:

For the sun

For the verdant hills

For the beautiful Caribbean seas
For the beaches

For their feisty nature
Some pics from our vacations:
The virgin island's flag
There are many out markets all around, varying from clothes,food,souvenirs,trinkets,and home supplies.
On Their radio, they listen to either calypso,reggae,U.S pop,salsa,blues,oldies and rock.
They dress in warm clothes, and sometimes wear their western outfits.

this is how an out market looked like
Here is a view from my grandparents old house.
one of the boats at the boats harbor
my dad and Christianna in one of their beaches.
an alley in the city
my family
my sister and I
me and my good friend Mrs.Z
another view
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