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Copy of Copy of Jealousy in Othello

No description

Mhairi Duncan

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Jealousy in Othello

Jealousy in Othello
What forms of jealousy are present in the play?
How does jealousy affect characters in the play?
What kind of personalities are affected the most by jealousy?
Does being jealous make you a bad person or is it just part of being human?
How has Shakespeare used language to create a detailed picture of how jealousy affects us?
Jelousy comes out in many different ways and its affects people in different ways. In this play we see the form of jealousy which leads to anger, this is shown through in Othello and his actions.
Othello is jealous of the percieved affair between Desdemona and Cassio, which was suggested by Iago. Iago's jealousy comes from the promotion of Cassio to a higher position than Iago and he hates Othello for doing this. His jealousy leads to a want for revenge on Cassio and Othello.
Othello's anger leads him to hate his wife scheme against her and eventually kill her. Iago's jealousy has the worst affects by far, he comes up with evil schemes against most characters in the play, he causes the deaths of four people.
Forms of jealousy and its affect on characters in the play.
How has Shakespeare used language to create a detailed picture of how jealousy affects us?
What kind of personalities are affected the most by jealousy?
"As emotions go, jealousy is neither subtle nor kind, but it is definitely complex, encompassing feelings from fear of abandonment to rage to humiliation.
It strikes both men and women when they perceive a third-party threat to a valued relationship.
This distinguishes it from envy, which involves wanting something someone else has.
Conventional wisdom holds that jealousy is a necessary emotion because it preserves social bonds, but it more often destroys them. And it can give rise to relationship violence."

How is this realistic in terms of how jealously affects people
O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock
The meat it feeds on; that cuckold lives in bliss
Who, certain of his fate, loves not his wronger;
But, O, what damned minutes tells he o'er
Who dotes, yet doubts, suspects, yet strongly loves! (3.3.165-170)
Shakespeare uses soliloquies to show how Iago's jealousy and Othello's jealousy evolves.
One of Iago's soliloquies at the start of the play in act 1 scene 3 shows how jealousy makes us want revenge on those that have wronged us. Iago says ' To get his place and plume up my will in double knavery. How? How? Lets see.'
Also in Othello's soliloquy during act 3 scene 3 we see ow jealousy makes us doubt the ones we once loved. Othello says 'she's gone, i am abus'd, and my relief must be to loathe her'. This means that Othello thinks Desdemona has decieved him and his reaction is to loathe her.
This quote from Iago explains that Othello should beware of jealousy consuming him (which is exactly what it does eventually) and that although he suspects his wife Desdemona to be cheating on him that he still loves her dearly-could this be an indication that Othello's love for his wife is the cause of his extreme jealousy in the play?
Jealousy in one of the most common emotions shown by humans
Everyone feels jealous at some point in there life. Humans have a perception that they will be happier if they have something they don't have. If someone else has what they want it creates a feeling of jealousy.
There are 2 examples of jealousy in Othello; Iago's jealousy of Cassio's promotion to lieutentant, a position he desired for himself. It does not make him a bad person to want something better for himself and Othello's jealousy of a percieved affair between his wife and Cassio.
Jealousy tends to bring out the worst in people-Othello's worst side was certainly triggered by jealousy
Jealousy isn't limited to just humans. Animals such as chimpanzees and elephants have been noted to have shown jealous tendencies.
Jealousy can result from the fear of loosing something special e.g. someones fear of loosing their partner to someone else can result in jealousy
"Jealousy is an anticipatory emotion. It seeks to prevent loss," said Ralph Hupka, Professor of Psychology
Othello was feeling scared of loosing the love of his life so he became jealous as he seeked to stop the 'so-called affair' he believed his wife was having in order to prevent him from loosing her.
start watching 1 minute in.
Does being jealous make you a bad person of is it just part of being human?
People who are more insecure are most likely to question their relationship and their partners infidelity-Othello may be insecure because of his race and skin colour; he is aware people are not so accepting of it.
Othello questions his relationship in Act 3 Scene 3, 'Why did I marry?'. He is also questioning Desdemona's faithfulness and loyalty to him-'That hankerchief which I so lov'd and gave thee, thous gav'st Cassio'-5:2
People who are emotionally unstable and neaurotic are also more prone to jealousy.
Those who are more compassionate, agreeable and cooperative are less prone to being jealous.
Othello is explaining to Iago that he doesn't want to live a life of jealousy and be constatnly tormented by suspicion-this is quite ironic. It also shows how undesirable the emotion of jealousy is.
'Think’st thou I’d make a life of jealousy, To follow still the changes of the moon With fresh suspicions?'-Act 3 scene 3
A Quote
Draw a 'green'eyed
monster as you
see it in your mind
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