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Cloud Computing for Real Estate - AARWC

Benefits of Cloud Computing for REALTORS - AARWC

Ed Pattermann

on 12 March 2011

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Transcript of Cloud Computing for Real Estate - AARWC

Before the cloud ... Agenda
What is Cloud Computing
Why REALTORS should use it
How do you get started
New way to run programs, access files, data contacts, calendar, and access and send email we kept our data and applications in many different places
had to be at that computer to access the data and the programs
different versions, duplicate costs, upgrade and backup nightmares After the cloud ... PROGRAMS, FILES, EMAILS, CONTACTS, CALENDAR WHY USE CLOUD COMPUTING?

Flexibility - anytime, anywhere, any device

Efficiency - always in sync, always up to date

Cost Savings - automatic updates, no media, as low cost as free

Security - just Google "Google Apps Security", more than 3m businesses use Google Apps, U.S. Safe harbor Program, data liberation, data replication and backup, redundant power and environmental services

How Secure and backed up is your data and apps today?

Third party backup services also available - like Backupify For REALTORS

Access email, contacts, calendar, faxes and documents from anywhere, anytime

Email or forward a document or fax, from anywhere, at any time (plus easy conversion to PDF

Easily share documents and calendars

No more worries about syncronization, program updates and versions, or update fees

Your data is in ONE place, WHERE and WHEN you need it

Work on documents in piecemeal

Easy migration from Windows environment

App store, like Mailchimp, Backupify, etc Welcome to
Cloud Computing
& Real Estate Ed Pattermann
Windermere Real Estate
Prescott, Az
ed@edpattermann.com How to get started google.com/a standard edition - free
business edition - $50/year you can use an existing domain mail documents and file manager calendar & contacts google apps blog google mail blog for copy of presentation, go to prezi.com, search for "aarwc"
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