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Copy of Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations

Kellie Zeigler

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Classroom Expectations

We Have So Much
to LEARN!!! Be READY to Learn by:
1. Following adult directions.
2. Bringing supplies to class. READY Be a RESPONSIBLE student by:
1. Completing all assignments - stay on task!
2. Cleaning up your area.
Push in chair.
All materials in the appropriate places.
Bookbag and jacket is hanging up. RESPONSIBLE Be a RESPECTFUL student by:
1. Being kind to others with your words or actions.
Do not talk without permission.
Do not hit others.
Do not talk about others with unkind words.
2. Staying in your seat or space.
If you need help, raise your hand. RESPECTFUL Classroom Expectations
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