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Amy C

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of TOK

I Love You to Death
Real Life Situation
Knowledge Question
Secondary Knowledge Issues
Other Real-life Situations
Real- life situations
TOK Questions & Issues
To what extent is ethical knowledge based on emotion and intuition?
Key terms
the moral principles governing or influencing conduct.
The Gut: instinctive knowledge from immediate awareness without reasoning
a psychological state; no conscious decision making, based on instinctive feelings
Gilderdale Case:
Cancer Advertisements
Refusal of life-saving
In 2008, Kathleen Gilderdale assisted her daughter Lynn Gilderdale's suicide by giving her a morphine overdose.

"[the decision of the juries] shows common sense, decency and humanity which makes jury trials so important in a case of this kind. There is no dispute that you were a caring and loving mother and that you considered that you were acting in the best interests of your daughter."
- Justice Bean
A Somalian woman (22) was admitted for treatment of active tuberculosis, but
to accept potentially
life-saving treatment
Tuberculosis = Death
Can ethical knowledge be gained independent of certain ways of knowing?
How can emotion and intuition hinder or overpower other ways of knowing?
Emotions - Genes
A Dutch family of criminals were all missing the enzyme
monoamine oxidase A
due to a faulty gene, changing emotional responses
: a personality disorder characterized by lack of empathy and emotional responses
Other ways of knowing can contribute to ethical knowledge, but
emotions are needed to guide decision making and moral action.

Emotion cannot operate on its own in ethics
Emotion and intuition are physically necessary and create connections between people, and that, are likely to be essential for all ethical knowledge
Emotion and intuition can overpower other ways of knowing. They are the strongest ways of knowing in decision making and obtaining ethical knowledge
Hume ethics: reason is a slave to passion; no amount of reasoning and facts compels us to act like emotions can
Real life situation
Real-life situation
Emotion and intuition can be controlled and also limit ethical knowledge
How can emotion and intuition hinder/distort/override other ways of knowing?
Can ethical knowledge be gained independent of certain ways of knowing?
Only 5% of cancer advertisements offer useful, factual information. Most appeal to the sympathy of viewers
Risk perception - Slovic's checklist
What is the role of emotion and intuition in ethical models?
Death would liberate them from the culturally imposed isolation
obligation: respecting norms
Without emotional values, why should one course of action be preferable to any other, can a set of outcomes have any benefit unless valued?

Moral differences allude to moral values being linked to culturally taught passions, and
from a purely cognitive basis.
Mirror Neurons
: The same neurons fire when we are watching a person perform an action or experience an emotion as those would have fired if we were having that experience ourselves
What is the role of emotion and intuition in ethical models?
Emotion, intuition and ethical knowledge
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