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No description

Paul Sheffield

on 9 October 2017

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Transcript of Gravity

What is the acceleration of a rocket that goes from 20 to 100m/s in 10 seconds?
What is a resultant force?
What is a crumple zone?
Why does speed effect stopping distance?
What is thinking distance?
If a person travelling at 20m/s has a reaction time of 0.5s, what would be their thinking distance
If a man hits a wall with a sledge hammer and a force of 100N. What must be the force pushing back from the wall if it doesn't collapse?
Can we calculate "g"?
"g" is acceleration dues to the force of gravity
It is same for any object independent of its mass
Do heavy objects fall faster than light?
What is weight?
What is your weight on earth?
What is your weight on the moon where gravity is 1.6N/kg?
Forces: Balanced and unbalanced
Motion time graphs
Hooks law and elasticity equation
measuring g
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