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Boston Consulting Group

Introduction to Management Tuesday October 2, 2012 8pm

Caitlin Schlehuber

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Boston Consulting Group

Chicago Public Schools Boston
Group Management Practices Extensive Training Collaborative Culture Cravath System Career Flexibility
and Mobility On-the-Job Apprenticeship
Personal Career Advisor
Core Curriculum
Personal Training History and Industry Position Founds company in 1963
Subsidiary of the Boston Company
Specialization Bruce Henderson 1970: 100 consultants with offices in Tokyo, London and Boston Growth and Prestige 1979: Employee stock buyout makes an independly operating company Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, government organizations Takes over as top recruiter at Harvard 2011: 5600 employees in 42 countries Social Impact Malaria and other diseases Local and global communities Last year:
200 social impact projects
120 different organizations worldwide Areas of Involvement Environment - conservation, waste reduction, and efficiency. Poverty and Hunger - World Food Programme, REACH
BS: Financial inclusion of the poor Education - crucial to the infrastructure of any country
Innovation and growth
Promote student gains Arts and Culture
Corporate Social Responsibility Meet the Team Final Strategy Progressive Benefits Break the Problem Down Diagnostic
Implementation Where are we going? Where are we? How do we get there? Job sharing
Compressed workweek
African, Asian, Hispanic, Women and LGBT Initiatives How do we get it done? Six Levers Raise Expectations
Great Leaders
Empowered Schools Great Teachers
Options and Opportunities
Ninth Grade Success We strive to be the BEST because we know only want to work with the BEST World's Leading Advisor on Business Strategy highest-value, critical challenges, transform enterprises Sustainable competitive advantage, more capable organizations, lasting results Working Together Custom Solutions Partner of Choice Commitment Employees Sample Case Branding Corporate Development Globalization Organization Pricing Strategy Technology and Communications Global Unified Team Michael Schmidt
Company Historian Stephanie Scherer
Products and
Performance Expert Caitlin Schlehuber
Chief Managing Officer Joe Schmidt
Sustainibility Expert Cravath System Lateral Hires
Up or Out Funding for business school
A variety of graduate degrees Local Initiatives Clients Direct and measurable impact Decide on project in each office Our values learned through our history are what set us apart BCG Growth Share Matrix Sustainability Peter Schneider
Chief Visionary Officer Predictability, Teaming and Open Communication
Paul Buser
"Monthly meetings"
"Holiday parties"
"Family-like culture" Award Show Two key pieces to the strategy: High school scorecard for parents and students
Instructional Development System (IDS) Impact 2009 report listed CPS as one of the top ten school districts in U.S.
IDS program attracted donations
Scorecard system applied to all schools across the Chicagoland area Private, Public, Not-For-Profit 3 Billion $
11% growth
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