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The Mighty Tyrannosaurus

Everyone knows T-rex is awesome, but this prezi goes in to the real mechanics of this amazing predator.

Eldon Panigot

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of The Mighty Tyrannosaurus

Everyone thinks he's a brute but he truly is the king of the dinosaurs! The Mighty Tyrannosaurus Sight: Most people think T-Rex's vision is based on movement, but that is a myth started by the movie, Jurassic park. (Don't get me wrong, Jurassic Park is a my favorite movie) The truth is T-Rex's vision is just as good as a human, and maybe even better. Senses Smell: A lot of people know Tyrannosaurus's smell was good, but most people don't know that it has been topped by only one animal- the turkey vulture. Hearing: You don't hear about T-Rex's hearing much but, it could kind of hear through the pads of its feet. The vibration would travel through the foot up the skeleton and into the ear T-Rex or Spinosaurus? In Jurassic Park 3 a spinosaurus fought and killed a T-Rex, presenting it as the bigger and badder predator. In my opinion a T-Rex would win. This is because one half spinosaurus's diet was fish and that's what it was built for. A spinosaurus probably would try to bite the T-Rex first. If this happens spinosaurus wouldn't be able to hang on because again it was made for fish. Then Spino would try to use its enormous claws . While these are very deadly weapons, it would have to get within the bite range of the T-Rex. Also, T-Rex has better senses, and is better at using its main weapon. If Spinosaurus were to win it would be because of his size. Watch the video to find out what I think should have happened. T-Rex has a bite force of three thousand pounds per square inch and an overall bite force of three tons; strong enough to crush solid bone. No other carnivorous dinosaurs have teeth like a T-Rex's. A Tyrannosaurus's teeth were like rail road spikes; round and cone shaped. They weren't very sharp, because they were made to crush bone, and with stand the bite force. Not only were the teeth six inches of death without the root, they also were the first biological weapons. What that means is that he could use harmful bacteria to his advantage. T-Rex had holes between the bumps on his teeth that trap bits of meat and blood to create harmful bacteria. When he bites another animal the bacteria leap on to the other animal which will eventually die of infection. Another weapon he uses is his massive size. T-Rex was twenty feet tall, forty five feet long, and weighed five to eight tons. Strengths Tyrannosaurus has been the undisputed king of the dinosaurs for years, but lately he has been challenged by three dinosaurs: Charcharodontosaurus, Giganotosaurus, and Spinosaurus.While all three are bigger than Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus is the biggest and baddest. We won't go into who would win right now, that is for another slide. Challengers to the Throne T-Rex in the flesh Vulnerabilities Even kings have their weaknesses. T-Rex had two big ones. one weakness was his speed. He could run as fast as a human at best. However he didn't need to run that fast to catch his main pray, four ton lumbering hadrosaurs. His second weakness was his tiny arms. These things were as big as a man's. Despite their size, they actually could function. They were used to lift him off the ground, and to stabilize his prey. This is the kind of thing T-Rex liked to eat. Giganotosaurus
50 ft. long 10 tons Spinosaurus
60 ft. long 12 tons Charcharodontosaurus
8 1/2 tons 45 ft. long A young T-Rex:
A T-Rex could spend about 14 years until it's an adult. Until then, it was gaurded by its parents. The parents had to go out and hunt, so it was sometimes ungaurded and hunted. Only by one animal though and that prezi is for another time (I probably won't make
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