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SigEp CLA 2014: Utilizing Prezi

How chapters and AVC's can utilize Prezi for recruitment and every day chapter activities. Best viewed in Full Screen.

Ashley Whitlatch

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of SigEp CLA 2014: Utilizing Prezi

Newport Beach, CA
Ashley Whitlatch | Lt. District Gov., District 25
At Prezi, we believe in the power of visual storytelling.
What items are on your desk?
Method of Loci
Using Prezi as a recruitment Tool
"What is Prezi?"
WA-Beta BM Steward
Asst. Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life
Global EDU Relations
San Francisco
Now I could have just given you a list...
...but instead I told a story.
Name your Founders
32 countries
Fantastic Networking
Start up
SigEp History

in EDU pro licenses to public High Schools across america
$100 million
CLA - West
Newport beach
Washington, D.C.
Every Day Uses
Embed on Chapter websites

Chapter Roster
BMP Challenge Meetings
No papers or documents to be lost...one link that can be continually updated with each new officer.
Brian Warren,
Chief executive officer
HQ: Richmond, VA
Founded: 1901
Capture Chapter Goals
VP Recruitment
VP Mem Dev
Lt. District Gov. - 25
Works online...
Adapts to your corporate image
It's easy to share
Collaborate from anywhere in the globe
Take your presentation with you...
Show parents & potential recruits during BMS interviews

Use Prezi to present at chapter retreats, etc.
Be their coach and mentor; friendship will follow
– Follow through
Share your experience, but remember it’s their collegiate experience, not a repeat of yours
Be flexible and creative! Use their mediums as appropriate: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, but make sure to set boundaries.
Brotherhood is achieved over time, not dinner, so be willing to put in the time
Set an expectation
for communication
Volunteer with them on a community service project—nothing shows dedication like service
An accurate description of the problem is 90% of the solution
Times change,
principles don’t…
Only allow them to make mistakes
they can bounce back from
Ask your men what they need: It sounds simple, but it can make the difference between being viewed as a dictator and being viewed as a mentor.
Tips for effective advisors
House Corp.
Starting a capital campaign?
AVC/Volunteer REsources
Training new AVC members
AVC Meetings
ConnectED Initiative
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