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Spiral Dynamics

No description

Caroline Kennedy

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics
Survival & Instincts
Main value is survival
meeting biological needs
instinctive drives and urges
sleep, food, water, shelter, reproduction
0.1 % of our adult population, which has no influence on how society is run
about 10% of the adult population and 1% of the influence on society
mystical, spirituality
tribal needs, obeying chiefs, harmony, kinship
New highest value is safety & security
Important values; purpose, stability, order, obedience to authority, rules, meaning
Important values; success, results, prosperity, making things better, realism
Important values; relationships, acceptance of differences and diversities, sharing, caring, the environment, human rights, equality
Started about 150 years ago when people started valuing freedom and collectivism
Today represent 10% of the global adult population, although this is higher in the USA and higher still in Western Europe at perhaps 30%. About 15% of the influence largely through NGOs such as Greenpeace and through Green politics, as well as when young adults develop the ability of advanced abstract thinking and self reflection
Important values; self worth, awareness, being, cooperation, connectivity, functional, practical, flexible
Still has problems, but sees them from a grand multi-dimensional time-space-spiritual perspective
Rather than protesting about them, simply sets about creating and implementing solutions
Not bound by the fear of the first tier, but is driven by purpose and guided by strong humanistic and inclusive value
Started 50 years ago when people started to deal effectively with high complexity chaos and universal connectivity
1% of the population are Yellow and they represent 5% of the influence on society
What's Next?
Imaginative - otherworldly, transcendent, enlightened
trying to figure out the world as a whole
lives for others
part of a new third tier
meme not fully developed
Lives for: survival
Lives for: past
Lives for: present
Lives for: future
Lives for: gain
Lives for: cause
Lives for: synergy
Lives for: wisdom
"Whole Person"
Sense patterns of the whole, align all the dots, renew deep spiritually
Maybe represents .01% of the population and 1% of the influence
Feel a deep sense of empathy and connection with all life, which gives them a powerful sense of intuition
Feel the sense of connective individualism to serve the entire living system
Started occurring 100000 years ago, now only seen in newborn babies, tribal peoples untouched by modernity, some street people, mentally ill, and some in senile old age
Started occurring 50000 years ago, and we see purple people in cultures where ritualistic and superstitious beliefs are prevalent. We also see purple behaviour in gangs and other groupings bonded by their own mystic rites
About 20% of the adult population and about 5% of the influence on soceity
Egocentric, Power
Started 10000 years ago as people started to explore and conquer new territories
Now can been seen in todler tantrums and teenage rebellion, as well as controlling leaders and impulsive people
Important values; control, action, excitement, proving individuality
Started 5000 years ago, but is now seen in children when they start to control their impulses and 40% of the world’s adult population, which hold 30% of the influence on society
Started 300 years ago when people started trading and perusing individual success
Now seen when teenagers start to think logically and reflect on themselves, and around 30% of the world adult population and enjoys 50% of the influence exerted through business, science and politics.
Values; compassion, accept existential realities, integration of life energies, symbiotic relationships
Global thinking culture which takes an interconnected view of working, living, and the environment
-After coral
-Sees a causal world where the universe is the context, and creates a world of universal order, where the task is to connect to the emerging evolutionary
-Even more undeveloped than coral
By Caroline Kennedy
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