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Success Everyone Can Achieve It

No description

Brittany Jaynes

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Success Everyone Can Achieve It

Double click anywhere & add an idea How can you be Successful in College? "Success is something that you earn and work for, are not just given" What is Success "Success is acheviving your goals, dreams and desires" "Success means happiness" Make a Plan and know what you want Talk with a counslor, parent or someone who can help you make a reasonable plan. Know the direction of where you want to end up. You have to want something if you are going to acheive it. 1 2 Set goals Once you have your plan, set goals along the way to help you reach and accomplish your plan. Make sure they are reachable, dont take one big leap, success comes in steps. 3 Work hard Success is not reached unless you put in your best effort, times will get hard. When they do look back to your goals and plan.Have a support group you can turn to. How hard you work will reflect your success. "Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it" 4 Have a positve attitude If you have a positve attitude and believe in yourself, you will be happier. College will be more pleasant and you will succeed. 5 Enjoy Your Time in College Your college experience can be one of the greatest things you will ever do. Enjoy learning, making new friends and all of the other things that come along with being in college. It will all be worth it in the end! Student Success Stories Sussanna, recent college graduate of UVU.

She had a desire to accomplish college.
She paid for college all by herself, and actually wanted to be there.Her family influenced her and she wanted a better quality of life.She would always talk to teachers and get help if needed.She put in her best effort and gave college everything she could. She feels so accomplished now and has cofidence in her future. Matthew , graduated from BYU in 2002 Matt knew that he wanted to be successful. He had dreams and knew if he wanted to reach them he needed to graduate from college. He said that things dont always happen as planned and things got in the way of his studies, but he kept going and never gave up. Matt's dad was his biggest influence. He wanted to follow in his fathers foot steps and be successful.He said he found what he was passionate about and is so glad that he graduated in the feild he chose because now he has a awesome job that he not only loves, but is also very happy. More Student Success considers six essential components system designed for
student success:

1. Early outreach programs to encourage parents and students to have high aspirations
and learn what is required for postsecondary success;

2. Curriculum and assessment systems to specify the knowledge and skills that students
need and to assess their progress;

3. High quality teaching to enhance learning at every level of education;

4. Student financial assistance to enable and encourage postsecondary enrollment;

5. Data and accountability systems to monitor progress and chart paths for improving

6. Postsecondary policies, programs, and practices intentionally designed to increase
students’ chances for success More Student Success
(researched based article) Do take responsibility for your success or failure at college. In college, you control your fate, and the more you work at your studies and the more you actively participate in your classes, the higher the probability for academic success. Do set reasonable and achievable academic goals each semester. Push yourself to perform at your highest level, but don't make those goals so high that you fall into a downward spiral Don't expect your college professors to be anything like your high school teachers. The best students take the time to learn what each professor expects from them. Do develop a good note-taking system both for reading assignments and for class lectures. Find a system that works for you, such as outlining, or develop your own. Don't get in the habit of skipping classes. Attending class is a critical component of learning the material and class notes are often a key part of studying for exams. Don't compare your academic performance to anyone else. Each person is unique, and comparing yourself to others just sets you up for disappointment The Do's and Don'ts: Tips for thriving in college
by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.
(reccent article) Brittany's Thoughts Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be. Questions we asked
Why do you think you were successful in college?
What particular things did you do to make you successful?
What influenced you?
Why did you want to graduate college? College Success It Is Possible
Spring 2010
Class 1000
Brittany Jaynes, Emmanuel Martinez Why are some students not successful? Dont know what direction to take
Have no motivation
Give up trying
Can't overcome obstacles that get in the way
Dont believe in themselves
Dont love what they are studying
Priorities not in the right order
Jason, Current student at UVU
Jason is a junior at UVU. He said he always has wanted to go to college becuase he wanted his life to be the best that it could be.He likes challanging himself. He is studying advertising right now. He is influenced by his wife, he wants to provide well for her and their future family. He knows college takes hard work, but he has set his mind to earning his degree and will do whatever it takes. He has found so far that using the resources on campus really is a big help.He schedules everything and sticks to his plans. He said in life you have to work hard if you want to play hard. Ivan Carroll,Average Student
Age 28
1.He shows up to class
2.He tries to learn how the teacher test(ie:from
slides, from books, etc) and adjust my studying to that.
3.He takes lots of notes
1.Asking questions to make sure you understand
2.Putting the teacher's examples in my notes
3.Interpreting what teachers say
1.Jr. High teacher who taught him how to study
1.To finish what I've started; to prove that I can accomplish my goals. LLuvia Olivia Campell
From Mexico, parent of a college student.
Graduated from BYU in 1984
1.Work hard everyday to maintain requiredments because
she was an Internacional Student
2.Extra coricular activity to help with stress
1.Realize importance of have a scholorship which help
her to focus in school
1.Mother-because she wanted to show her apreciacion
for all the sacrifice her mother did for her as a singal
2.mother showed her the importance of an education and to persevere "It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get up." My 2 cents THE END
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