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By Jacinta & Kalani

Jacinta <3

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Graduation

By Jacinta & Kalani Graduation!! What is Graduation??? Environment of Graduation Readings & Responses The role of the ritual
leader We will now do a presentation of a catholic primary school graduation, ceremony. Graduation is when you advance to another
stage of your education. For example from primary school to high school, or high school
to university. The environment of a graduation is held at a church (ceremony) and then is celebrated in a school hall (reception). You will be presented with your certificate at the ceremony and at the reception will receive little gifts and will be able to enjoy yourselves. The ritual leaders in graduations include the priest and a teacher or principle. The priests role is to hand the certificate to the student graduating and to give them a blessing during the ceremony. The teacher/principles role is to present the gifts and awards to the students and to also run the reception, ensuring everything is running smoothly. Thank you for
listening & watching!! The Theme Red Carpet
Theme Masquerade Theme All White
Theme A theme is used at graduations to make the event more exciting!
You and your classmates can come up with any theme representing yourself and your year. Some types of themes that you could use for a graduation include: Bling Bling
Theme Disco
Theme Symbols Music The readings and responses used in the ceremony include blessing, an oath and the normal readings at a casual mass, like the first reading, responsorial psalm, prayers of the faithful etc. The symbols at graduation all represent
the significance of one person. The outfit students were are a gown with a cap, with the colours of their school. The gown and cap (mortarboard) are very significant as they show how you have advance in school. Another symbol used in graduation ceremonies is the certificate. This is important because it shows that you
have completed primary school, high school, university etc. The music used at a graduations are chosen by the year group graduating (year 6). The songs they choose, reflect who they are and what their interests are. So when we have picked this song (I believe by Yolanda Adams) it reflects who we are as a person and shows relation to our theme. The role of the community Bibliography:
Helium (2002 - 2013) All about the history ans symbolisation of graduation [online] URL: http://www.helium.com/items/2148067-all-about-the-history-and-symbolism-of-graduation-robes-hood-caps-gowns

Brownlocks (1999-2013) History of graduation [online] URL: http://www.brownielocks.com/graduation.html

Yahoo answers (2007 - 2013) What is the hat called when you graduate. [online] URL: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070601042540AAmaV27

And from our own knowledge At graduations, the community plays a big
a big role. They support the graduates during the ceremony and help to guide them to the next stage of their education.
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