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No description

Niki Lazaris

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Twilight

Rosalie Hale
Edward Cullen
Function: Help to reveal main character
By: Niki, Ben, Bailey & Charlie
Edward is protective of Bella
In Movie: Edward gets out of car, tells Bella to get in and then glares at group of guys.
In Novel: Edward stays in car and commands Bella to get in the car (162).
Edward Cullen
Close: Edward basically stays the same throughout the movie and the novel. No major changes we feel were made.
Successful: We believe Edward was portrayed successfully from novel to film. His script for the most part stayed the same. Some scenes
came off comical.
Reveals the theme
For Example...
In the baseball field scene in the film he says, "You brought a snack," which emphasizes that he is the antagonist Bella must overcome since in the novel it was Laurent who says this
he also tests Edward and Bella's love when he attacks Bella in the dance studio
Close: James' character was mainly the same, with only the emphasis on him being the antagonist as a main difference, the dialogue was similiar as well as his actions.
Successful: even though there were some slight differences, the overall actions and the affect of James' character did not change and was important to the movie.
Theme: that love can overcome any obstacle
Function: Add color/texture
A friend of Bella who wants to be more than a friend, creating a small, irrelevant conflict.
An example of this conflict shows up in the movie when he remarks about Bella's relationship with Edward.
Function: adds color or texture
In the film, Rosalie has a lot more to say, and is shown as more angry towards Bella and Edwards relationship.
She breaks the glass bowl when Bella comes over for dinner, while she was not even there in the novel (out hunting with Emmet).
But also in the film and novel she says the exact same thing "What is she to me?"(401) when Edward insisted on Rosalie to switch clothes with Bella.
Rosalie Hale
Intermediate: Rosalie plays a bigger part in the film, has a lot more to say, but has the same purpose.

Successful: even though she had more to say in the film, her role in the story stayed the same. She does not like Bella but ends up protecting her.
MIKE (cont.)
Intermediate: Mike's remark is directly quoted from the novel, so his adaptation is a relatively close one. However, the way the actor played the role of Mike makes a key difference. The intensity of his jealousy is toned down in the film, and he serves more of a comic role due to the actor's line reading and performance.

Successful: Despite the performance of the actor, Mike's function of creating a small conflict between Bella and Edward was successfully adapted from the novel into the movie.
"You and Cullen, huh...I don't like it." "He looks at you like you're a piece of meat."
The end
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