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Carbon & Oxygen cycle

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Jasmine Carcamo

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Carbon & Oxygen cycle

How does the cycle interact with living organisms?
Human Interaction
Carbon &Oxygen cycle
Oxygen and Carbon are constantly inhaled and exhaled by both plants and humans. The air is changed between oxygen and carbon as it cycles between plants and humans. Most of the carbon dioxide that is released into the air comes from forest fires and the breakdown or organic matter. Plants, animals and decomposers play an important tole in rapid cycling of both carbon dioxide and oxygen.
Breathing is the main human interaction within this cycle. Inhalation consists of the consuming of oxygen, and exhalation releases the carbon dioxide back into the air. The combustion of petroleum deposits quickly releases carbon back into the atmosphere. Human activities slow the cycling of carbon and oxygen.
How does the cycle work?
The carbon cycle
The oxygen cycle
Carbon moves from the atmosphere to plants
Carbon moves from plants to animals
Carbon moves from plants to animals to the ground.
Carbon moves from living organisms to the atmosphere
Carbon moves from the fossil fuels to the atmosphere when the fuels are burned
Carbon moves from the atmosphere to the oceans
Oxygen is released by photosynthesis
Oxygen is taken in by living organisms
Carbon dioxide is released by living organisms through respiration
Carbon dioxide is taken in by plants and with the process of photosynthesis, oxygen is released into the atmosphere
Carbon dioxide is the key component to keep all living organisms alive.
Oxygen is given off by plants and is taken in by all other living things.
Plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.
Trees and plants are the main components
Why is carbon and oxygen important?
Reasons why we need carbon & oxygen
Humans need oxygen to live
Humans and animals take in oxygen given from plants
Plants need carbon dioxide in photosynthesis
Carbon and oxygen cycle is the relationship between plants that breathe carbon dioxide and living things that breathe oxygen
The way living things breathe is caused by plants taking in co2 and using photosynthesis to convert it as oxygen
Carbon and Oxygen
4 steps involved the carbon and oxygen cycle
http://www.windows2universe.org/earth/Water/co2_cycle. html
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