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New Era Baseball Hat

No description

chris begler

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of New Era Baseball Hat

Manufacturing and Processing
-Panels on the hat (cotton) are formed, brim and front are sewn together to make loose shape

- Sides are stitched with 59fifty symbol and front logo is embroidered on by computer

-Sent to binding department where cotton tape covers inside of hats to prevent material from sticking out.

-Product then steamed so shape is hardened
Distribution and Transportation
-14 hat making facilities worldwide

-U.S. Hats shipped from China to inventory location

-From inventory location (somewhere in the U.S.) hat is flown or driven to local post office

Lebron James
Life Cycle of a New Era Baseball Hat

Acquisition of Raw Materials

-Cultivators uproot weeds and other excess plants.

-Mechanical planters plant seeds 10 to 24 rows at a time

- Tillage machine picks cotton when bloomed
-made from 42% recycled or excess materials

-Old hats may be
taken to goodwill
or donated to
-New Era caps can take anywhere between 10 to 30 years to decompose into the soil

-Holds over 450 licenses to produce headwear for organizations like MLB or NFL

-Hat life expectancy: one year

-50 million hats produced per year :0

Manufacturing and Processing Outputs
-Sewing, embroidery, taping and other machines like it account for 25% of textile industries annual energy use

-Water is used to make steam which allows shape to form

The End

-Mechanical Planters

All take up energy
and contribute to
greenhouse gas
-18 to 30% of nitrous oxide in atmosphere comes from ships

-Each hat comes in plastic bag and cardboard box
-Hats should be washed with cold water
-Every hat comes with sticker that is usually thrown out
-Potential car emissions on its journey to charity or thrift store
-Recycled cotton/materials has to be made into hats again by machines
-Garbage trucks
to waste site
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