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HR Presentation

No description

Jazzin Basra

on 29 November 2011

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Transcript of HR Presentation

Issues Prediction/conclusion Research & analysis Rec & implement intro Ruffian Apparel Clothing company 5alive-Five Clothing company that sells to
teenagers and young adults The Issues Motivation Communication Compensation large turnover of management
Poor Training Compensation, paid less and comission Parm, Jazzin, Gurjit, Kristina, Roman
Started in 1974 by UBC grads By 2007 reached 68 stores in Western canada 19 stores in BC New Regional Manager: Kyle Evans Kelowna store in trouble Undertrained Staff All part-time Nathan Edwards: acting Store Manager almost a year of different managers other stores pay more Ruffian apparel's payment isn't appealing no Benefits Management =) No Job knowledge Acting Manager also undertrained comission was location dependent No consistency of management Samantha Abott Communication No flow Upper management Stores only contacted when performance is lacking Store management feel ignored Training new store management Edwards assistant manager Orientation Group hiring potential full time Communication Meetings Annual Monthly Weekly Upper Management to Store Manager Motivation Productivity more help Job knowledge No moving up Pay rate sucks! less than $100 unappreciated Leads back to Management Upper Management lack of communication Make it better? Communication Appreciation Compensation Conclusion Ruffian Apparel Kelowna poor salary No stable manager Poor Training Short staffed Fixable with: Better compensation Training appreciation Fou- R's

points system Overview Ruffian the company Kelowna Store Plague of managers Samantha Abott good in sales Current state Nathan Edwards Kyle Evans Jason Wilcox Promotion to current staff Fou-R Plan Recovery Rejuvenation Repair Recognize Ruffian and Apparel's Points Program Recognizes achievements, performance, and progress of employees at the end of each month Tangilble awards can be redeemed with a certain amount of points Manager for a Day Employees chosen on a basis of the nominations they recieve Employees who exemplify exceptional leadership skills, and ability to take initative Allows managers to reach out to their employees
Recommendations Drop Nathan Edwards to assistant manager
Give the managers better incentives Hire more full-time employees
5alive-Five That's all folks!
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