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AT&T Raising the Bar: Strategic Analysis

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Meredith Thompson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of AT&T Raising the Bar: Strategic Analysis

AT&T Raising the Bar: Strategic Analysis MGMT 466-502
April 29, 2010
Group 6
Kelly Hugghins, Jay Rowland, Ashley Schneider,
Meredith Thompson, Stephanie Wehner and Brett White
Strategic Issue How can AT&T sustain competitive advantage in the cell phone industry?

Mature and saturated market
Fast-paced technological industry
Internal Analysis Resources: Brand Name, Innovation
Strategy: Exclusive Apple Contract
If you switch providers in the next 6 months:
31% choose AT&T due to iPhone
19% choose Verizon
Relationship with Stakeholders: Customer Service
External Analysis: Value Net
External Analysis: Value Net Takeaways Vertically: suppliers integrating down the value chain
Horizontally: competitors leveraging new technologies and improving customer service
Recommendations#1: Renew iPhone Contract Contract expires June 2010
4% of AT&T customers use the iPhone
40% of new customers switch to AT&T to purchase the iPhone
New iPhone 4G model introduced Summer 2010
Recommendations#2: Improve Customer Service “Apple Genius” in AT&T stores
Construct additional towers
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