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Top 6 uses for the Internet

No description

Clerisa Smith

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Top 6 uses for the Internet

Top 6 Uses for the Internet in the Classroom
Number 3
Website such as, scholstics.com or funbrain.com allow students to learn new information, reinforce a skill or explore new concepts in a fun, colorful way. Learn together using your SmartBoard for small or whole group interactive lessons. Learning can be done at home too.

By Clerisa Smith
IDT 7064 Summer II
July 2013
Top 6 Uses for the Internet
NUmber 6
Number 5
No need to pay for Postage. Communicate with students, parents, and teachers without worrying about interuptions. Communication is important to a successful school experience.
Number 4
Interactive Websites
Google Earth
Take your students on a virtual tour without having to get a signed permission slip. Explore the earth as never seen before.
Number 2
Number 1
Need to know more?? The quickest place get information is the Internet. Researching doesn't just mean cutting and pasting. It means you have to carefully read, filter, absorb, and read some more...then meticulously determine what is worthy information. It's going to take some decision-making but you can do it.
Students can show what they have learned using various tools from the Internet. Animoto, Sliderocket, and Prezi are just a few free web-based sites to show your knowledge.
Let your voice be heard and your ideas be seen. Publishing on the web is engaging and promotes decision making. Storybird is one of many sites that can attract audiences outside of the classroom too.
Top 6 Uses for the Internet in the Classroom
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