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Hope River

on 12 October 2013

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SWOT Analysis
Symptoms & Causes (1)
Symptoms & Causes (2)
Symptoms & Causes (3)
Key Performance Indicators

◊SWOT Analysis
Staff shortage in critical departments: Many critical departments face staff shortage
Management Communication gap: Senior and Middle management suffers from communication gap
Official reporting requires extra paper work: Staff complains of too much paper work for official reporting
Lack of community participation: Mafraq Hospital management does not include community representatives
Ability to utilize all hospital resources to maximum
In case of need the hospital resources are easily available to deal with all sorts of medical and emergency situations.
UAE government backup through SEHA
The UAE government commitment to provide top-class health facilities to general public is fully applicable to Mafraq.
Health authorities interest in hospital image improvement
SEHA continuously takes steps to build positive image of Mafraq Hospital.

Since its establishment in 1983, Mafraq Hospital has been setting new standards in medical care. ‎
Mafraq Hospital staff works with a commitment to world-class quality patient care, cutting-edge clinical research and first-rate ‎training of physicians and nurses.(mafraqhospita.ae, 2013)
Mafraq Hospital is managed by SEHA, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company.

New and latest medical equipment

New medical equipment means that it requires less maintenance and would last longer.

Properly stocked with medical supplies

Hospital has abundant medical supplies and can meet any emergencies.

Multiple medical facilities for patients

Patients get wide range of medical facilities under one roof.

Qualified and well experienced staff

Highly qualified staff is the specialty of Mafraq Hospital.

Less local staff in high administrative positions

MQ higher administration mostly consists of foreign employees. In case of any labour law changes this may affect the hospital adversely.

Critical staff position filled with ad-hoc employees

Ad-hoc employee service termination may create services crisis in MH.

Hospital maintenance sub-contracted

Sub-contractors cannot share the hospital responsibility in case of any accident.

Symptoms and Causes (1)

Quality of service


Lack of customer service training
Current one not attractive


1400 employees (nurse, doctor, patient access, patient affair, lab and radiology technician, pharmacist
All fist line staff need customer service training
1400* 3000 DHS = 5200000 DHS

Creativity and efficiency

Attractive training
follow up and life assessment

Shortage in replacement

Staff should have enough training time

Hire one expert trainer who can handle all this training and can keep monitoring
Renovating of the accommodation training theater and use it for training
Provide full service in the training theater (catering, wireless…….etc
Continue evaluating the staff after training
Authorize certification for staff who complete the training
Make survey after an before the training

Patient satisfy questionnaire
I am satisfied with the service I receive (Strongly agree/agree/Neutral/disagree/strongly disagree)
I spend long time to finish my treatment (more than what I expect) (Strongly agree/agree/Neutral/disagree/strongly disagree)
I recommend Mafraq to my family and friend (Strongly agree/agree/Neutral/disagree/strongly disagree)
I am planning to continue my diagnose in Mafraq hospital (Strongly agree/agree/Neutral/disagree/strongly disagree)
Mafraq hospital is one of best hospital in AD(Strongly agree/agree/Neutral/disagree/strongly disagree)
Any other commnt :
Name and contact (optional):

Management & Employees
Hospital & Patient
Hospital & other Partner
What : new policy, procedure, hospital news, new rolls, new service, event, campaign, new project ,….etc
Why: Not reading (email, intranet , notice board), shortage of time, not frequently compute user
Use Desktop back ground for communication
Publish events and new as Desktop screen saver
Attractive Banner in common area (coffee shop,locker room)
Small gift for participation in events
Attractive design in E-notice Board

Delay in the Service
Enhance hospital to patient communication and involvement
Sufficient information in the appointment paper
Patient leaflet , Magazine
E-notice board
Media (TV, news paper)
Social network media( twitter, facbook, Instagram)
Quality of Service
Encourage patient to come beyond the peak time (early Morning , after noon.
Open evening / weekend clinic with same resources (over time)
Expand service to other insurance company rather than Daman to attract more patient

Doctors move to private sectors:
(Causes and Recommendations)
Increasing their salary baste on their experience and productivity
Provide them with different allowance that attract them to stay on government sector such as: children allowance, education, ect

Time working
Time of working should be fixable
Their should be over time for doctors who have more patients
Their should be allowance for doctors with night shift
Doctors move to private sectors:
(Causes and Recommendations)
Number of customer
Give each doctor specific number of patients
Cultural of customer
Aware the patients about the difficulty of this job, by media and brochures
Policy and procedure
Rules should be more helpful for the doctors

Doctors move to private sectors:
(Causes and Recommendations)
Lack of technology
Provide them with new technologies that make the work easier and satisfy the patients
Career development
They should put rule that give the doctors the rights to be higher after 3-5 years

Symptoms and Causes (3)
Symptoms And Causes (2)
The Problem: No medical guideline followed by the Doctors.

Medical guideline: is a document or protocol with the aim of guiding decisions and criteria regarding diagnosis, management, and treatment in specific areas of healthcare

Different Doctor Practices and cultural differences caused:
Bad Education (loss of interns and residents)
Interns and residents suffers when diagnosing patient and have difficulty in choosing the right treatment sequence.
Miss trust
Patient do not trust the doctor
Doctor Shopping
Create a re-search committee, formed by Emirati doctors or doctors who lived in UAE for more than 10 years, to start developing a solid guideline to be followed by doctors working in Mafraq hospital.

Why shall we do it?
Build the base of trust between UAE citizens and medical organizations and increase Customer Satisfaction
Around 7000 patient a year from UAE travel abroad to seek medical care.
The cost burden for overseas medical treatment for UAE government exceeds $500 million per year and is increasing.
The average cost of sending a patient, with accompanying relative, overseas is $200,000.
Taking baby steps to build our own infrastructure
Focus on diseases that are more related to UAE society such as diabetes and vitamins.
To have a sequences and guidelines appropriate to UAE society.
Reduce doctor shopping.
Increase Employee (doctors) level of participation
Reduce conflicts with insurance and unnecessary tests.
Be more attractive for specialists, interns and residents.
Decrease the amount of doctors leaving the hospital, either UAE nationals or other nationalities.
Example of Medical Confusion
IF you are diagnosed to have vitamin D deficiency, you can get three different treatments.
A doctor who follow U.S guidelines , will give you Vitamin D (50 000 units) once per week for three months, then shift to 2000 units daily.
Doctor who follow Australian guideline would prescribe 50 000 units for three months, then 50 000 units once per week, then lessen it to once per month
Doctor with Jordanian guideline, gives 50000 units per three months, then repeat the test which is very expensive.
Patient cost and Benefit
Cost :
Average number of out patient daily= 500 patient
500* 1250= 625,000 Dhs per day

If we increase out patient by 100 then :
100* 22*1250= 2,750,000 Dhs average monthly income from outpatient only

Patient service cost
1. Doctor Appointment ((General practitioner, Specialist, Consultant, professor) 300
2. Blood Test 200
3. Radiology ((X-ray, Ultra sound, CT scan ,MRI,,,,Etc.) 450
4. Medicine 300

Average Total: 1250 Dhms
Mafraq Key Performance Indicators
1.      Improve recruitment Process to ensure that the highest quality candidate are recruited and reduce the time taken to recruit new employees.
2.      Reduce recruitment cost.
3.      Increase Customer Satisfaction to improve the result in the People/HR Practice section of the Employee Engagement survey.
4.      Increase the level of participation in Employee Engagement survey
5.      Increase accuracy and quality of data
6.  Embedding Employee Self-service (ESS) as a standard business process.
7.      Ensures Utilization of Kronos Scheduling
8.      Ensure that employees are up to date with their mandatory training.
9.      Ensures all new hired employees attend the Orientation Session.
10.   Develop an in-house Training Center and Deliver training sessions that Support Individuals in meeting their Behavioral competencies.
11.   Attempt to reduce Housing Costs
12.   Improve customer service provided of employees answering positively about the housing service in the Employee Engagement survey.
13.   Ensures all accommodation provided by Mafraq Hospital
is safe, Secure and suitable for employee use with Health
and safety issues at Mafraq Hospital owed accommodation
being reported to  the engineering and Safety Officer.

Thank You !
Any questions ?
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