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All About AdPoint

No description

Asha Nayaka

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of All About AdPoint

CRM, Ad Booking, Social, Finance and Analytics
Using media-specific booking capabilities
With effective CRM features
“AdPoint has delivered a clear improvement to our advertising processes, revenues and customer experience in a very short time”
Steve Bottomley, Business Services Director, News UK
Powerful & intuitive tools that transform
Cross-channel booking in a single order
Sales lead generation
Automatic opportunity and pipeline management to improve forecasting

Lead generation for automated lead lists

Real-time inventory information showing space availability
Individual or consolidated invoicing

Track inventory in all media channels in real time

Automatic approval workflow

Drastically reduces invoicing errors

Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
More sales, better profits
The world's best advertising system
Seamless, smooth and fast
Best for 3rd party integrations!
is a world class
fully web-based
advertising sales solution
that helps media companies to:

increase sales
reduce costs
improve profits

Designed by
Lineup Systems
the world’s fastest growing
advertising sales solution vendor.
Digital ad server agnostic

Integrates into any ad serving solution for digital ads including Google DFP, ADTECH, and Open AdStream

Integrates seamlessly with virtually any 3rd party system...

...CRM, accounting, ad creation, email and document management.
All About AdPoint
The only media advertising collaboration tool that
automatically posts messages that highlight opportunities
to increase sales
in real time, on any web enabled device
Track inventory in all media channels
Automatically highlights activities that have an up sell opportunity

Increases cross media and cross regional sales

Ad approval workflow by credit, discount and media channel yield
"We were impressed that Lineup’s experts
implemented AdPoint seamlessly
with minimal disruption and
breathtaking commercial results"

Chris Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, News UK
Better control and greater transparency
Powerful, accurate financial management
Reduced invoice queries with accurate multi-channel invoicing

Clear audit trail from sales though finance

Revenue recognition options

Synchronised with Microsoft Exchange to provide emails and alerts throughout your sales process

Real-time reporting helps users make fast and smart business decisions
Using any metric you desire
Customisable reports and dashboards
Fast deployment and powerful benefits
Call us now for your demo of AdPoint !
Visit www.lineup.com

Email sales@lineup.com


USA: +1 828 734 0565

UK: +44 20 3440 2400

Highlights activities that have an upsell or cross-sell opportunity

Ad approval workflow by credit, discount and media yield

Revenue recognition options
Clear audit trail from Sales through Finance
Classified ad builder for agents and self-service users to build liner and semi-display ads, fully integrated into classified booking module
Built in Sales Board to reduce sales dips
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