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Copy of The Black Death - Approaching Source Analysis

A prezi to guide you through the final depth study for the semester.

jonny cavuoto

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Black Death - Approaching Source Analysis

The Black Death
1348 to 1352

Spend time looking through this prezi so that you know everything that is involved in this study of primary sources.
You will have all homework time and most of your lessons in which to complete the tasks.
Make sure you focus on the Must Dos, these are non-negotiable, and ensure you complete the tasks in the correct order.
Extension tasks are if you finish early and would like to extend your knowledge...
If you have questions, ask me for help!
Most tasks are to be completed independently, however, read the instructions carefully as some collaboration may be required.
Once you have finished a task, show it to me for checking.
Well done!!! You have completed your depth study of the Black Death!
Watch the video clip and record any terms that are unfamiliar - look these up.
For the next few weeks, you will be completing a study of the Black Death in Europe. The focus of this study in History is learning how to analyse primary sources.
Must Do's...
1. The Black Death the worst plague in history
View this short clip to aid in your understanding of the Black Death - how it was contracted, and how it spread...make notes as you watch...
4. Labelling a source...
Find an image of a plague doctor, and either print or draw the image.
Label a minimum of four parts of the image and explain their function (research this on the internet).
Remember to record the source of the image at the bottom of your drawing/print out.
Paste the labelled diagram into your workbooks.
2. Textbook work...
11.1 -
How do we know about the Black Death?
Read the two page spread.
Answer questions 1, 2 and 6.
Using the internet, research other possible primary sources for this topic. Record the names of at least 5 different primary sources in your workbooks.

3. Textbook work...
Read 11.2 What was the Black Death?
As you read, study the sources closely.
Now answer questions 1, 3 and 4 in your workbooks.
After this point in the prezi, you should touch base with me to check your work.
5. Word Bank
Research the following words associated with the Black Death. Use all resources available to you to find and record the meaning of each word (as relates to the Black Death - how the word is used in this context).

quarantine miasma unhygienic contagious pestilence serfs virulent fetid pandemic buboes plague siege chronicler vector pathogen
6. Textbook work...
Read 11.3 Living conditions...
Answer questions 4 - 9 in your workbooks.

At this point, you should touch base with me to check your work...
Using the handout of extra sources provided - answer the following question:
Study Source 7.33 The Wound Man.
What evidence does this source provide of the sorts of wounds medieval surgeons might expect to treat?
Using the extra sources...
Study Source 7.12 - A modern artist's impression of a medieval town.
Make as many observations as you can in which you consider the living conditions and how these conditions may have contributed to the rapid outbreak of disease in medieval towns. Refer explicitly to what is included in the picture.
Is this a primary or a secondary source?
7. Textbook work...
Read 11.4 Religious beliefs...
Answer questions 1-4.
Read 11.5 Trade and the spread...
Answer questions 5-8.
Read 11.6 How did people...
Answer questions 1,2, 5-10.

Touch base with me to check work.
Questions to ask during source analysis...
General Questions to ask:
Is it a primary or secondary source? How do you know?
What is the source?
When was the source made, built, created?
Where is this source from?
Who created the source?
What was the purpose of the source?
To determine perspective or point of view:
Who is the author, and where is the author from?
Who was the author writing for?
What do we know about the author?
Can the author's point of view be trusted?
Using the extra sources...
Read Source 7.47 carefully. It was written in the 14th century by the chronicler Matteo Villani (son of a respected merchant family in Florence). Now answer the questions:
1. How did the writer think the pandemic should have influenced society?
2. Find out what the phrase 'virtuous and catholic' means.
3. What, in fact, was the reality about how people reacted, according to the writer?
4. According to the writer, how did the personal circumstances of many survivors change?
5. Is this a reliable source, why or why not? Consider perspective.
8. Textbook work...
Read 11.7 How did the Black Death change society?
Answer questions 4, 5 and 6.
Read 11.8 Weakening the Feudal System
Answer questions 1 to 8.
Extra sources...
Examine Source 7.15. It is an artist's impression of a manor after the Black Death. Analyse it carefully and answer these questions:
What is the condition of the farmland? What clues help to determine your answer?
Why might the farmland be like this?
Peasant workers such as these once worked on the manor for free in exchange for protection or support. How did the Black Death change working arrangements for many people such as these survivors?
Is this a primary or secondary source? Why?
9. FINAL Textbook Task...
11.9 Skillbuilder
Read the introductory material on identifying perspective. Study the example carefully.

Then complete the Developing my skills section on p. 345.

See me to check your work.
What is the origin of the children's nursery rhyme 'Ring a ring of roses' and what did the words traditionally relate to?
The statement 'Bring out your dead' could regularly be heard in the streets of London during the Black Plague. Explain what a person could do if they heard this. Why did people have to resort to this?
Copy out the words from the Black Death poem in the clip attached.
Add new Black Death specific words to your Word Bank task.
Try to memorise and recite the poem.
Horrible Histories 1
The Grim Reaper
Horrible Histories 2
The Plague Report
Horrible Histories 3
The Black Death Song
Complete all the numbered tasks.
Checkpoint 1
Checkpoint 2
Checkpoint 3
Checkpoint 4
Checkpoint 5
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