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Corporate publishing platform and content marketing strategy

No description

Emilija Zaevska

on 18 January 2018

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Transcript of Corporate publishing platform and content marketing strategy

Corporate publishing platform and content marketing strategy

Market Overview
Target Audience Analysis
Roadmap To Success
Creative Proposals
Bringing Platform To Life
Market Overview
What are the main online activities and habits of our audience?

Media Consumption
(days of the week)
Media Consumption (hours daily)

Activities on the Internet in the past 6 months
Different online channels serve different needs
Active internet users in Macedonia are present online, striving to find quality content that will:
Enrich their online experience
Bring new opportunities
Teach them something new

Good content isn’t enough.

We need insanely great content that’s on-strategy and incites action. We need to deliver it in a consistent, ongoing program.
This is the era of Content Strategy and it will separate the pros from the amateurs.

Who are we engaging with?

Who is he?
Aleksandar is a Pivara employee, working at the sales department.

What are his needs?
He is interested in everything his company is announcing or doing and is searching for relevant local or global info related to the brands.

What is his digital behavior?
Aleksandar is active user of social networks and communication tools and apps. He visits often popular websites for information and fun.


Who is he?
Emil is a bar owner taking care of his business during the day and running the bar at night. He is a customer of Pivara.

What are his needs?
He is interested in events info and is following what is happening in the city. He is mostly interested in beer news and new launches.

What is his digital behavior?
Emil keeps track of what’s happening on him phone, as he is on the go during the day and hanging in the bar at night.
He uses social networks to promote the bar and connect with friends.




Who is he?
Rade is a local shop owner, running his business on a daily basis. He is a customer of Pivara.

What are his needs?
He is interested in business information and is following Pivaras’s news, actions and announcements.

What is his digital behavior?
Rade is moderate user internet, mostly visiting news portals and website of companies that he collaborates with.


Who is he?
Ivo is an University student, looking for an internship or his first job.

What are his needs?
He doesn’t have much experience, so he is looking for information how to write a perfect CV, how to behave at an interview etc.

What is his digital behavior?
Ivo is digitally native, very active on social networks, using his smartphone to be online all the time.

Who is he?
Goran is a business news journalist in a popular newspaper.

What are his needs?
He is searching for the latest business news, trying to stay up-to-date and to find interesting information that he can use for writing.

What is his digital behavior?
Goran is active user of social networks, he follows social pages of companies and reads news on local and international business portals.


Who is she?
Lea is an Account Manager working at international advertising agency.

What are her needs?
Lea is interested in big brands and the latest ad campaigns. She also follows the latest trends in digital media and pop-culture.

What is her digital behavior?
Lea is digitally native and super-active on social networks, using often apps and tools ahead of the others.


Who is she?
Anja is a magazine owner and manager from Slovenia.

What are her needs?
She follows what the most successful companies in the region are doing, what are the latest news and activites.

What is her digital behavior?
Anja visits websites of successful regional companies, follows brands and celebrities/influencers on social media and is actively posting and comenting.


Who is she?
Maja is a teenager, going to high school and spending time for her hobbies.

What are her needs?
She needs to connect with her friends and is searching for interesting info about celebrities she is following, and sharing fun content with her friends.

What is her digital behavior?
Maja follows her favorite celebrities and brands online, is very active on social networks, and loves to share cool photos on Instagram.


Who is he?
Branko is a manager in a export company in Macedonia. He is active in establishing the business locally and abroad.

What are his needs?
He follows successful local companies are wants to learn from other examples.

What is his digital behavior?
Branko visits websites of other companies and searches for business opportunities for his business.


Who is she?
Lara is an employee at the UK embassy in Macedonia. She is occupied with her work, but loves to learn about local culture and people.

What are her needs?
She needs to connect with the local business community and government officials and collaborate on different projects.

What is her digital behavior?
Lara follows country news and connects with her friends through social networks, skype and viber. She follows local news as well and likes to post pics on Instagram when travelling and exploring the country.

Roadmap To Success
1. Pivara's pillars of expertise
2. Setting communication themes
3. Editorial calendar
4. Promoting, testing, measuring
Clean and modern
Responsive design adapted to all devices
Integrated with social media
Supporting rich media formats

Building awareness about the new ‘digital magazine’ website
Connecting with different stakeholders and building communities
Engaging with all influencers that can contribute and promote the website
Establishing expertise an key topics and issues
Establishing the website as a relevant source of content related to Pivara, beer, CSDs, active lifestyle etc.
Design Guidelines
Tone Of Voice

Pivara in-house experts
Known sites & resources
Existing internal and external content
Desk research (Google, Twitter, forums…)
Original research
Expert partners
Information Sources
Bringing Platform To Life
Communication Channels
Content Tools
Promotion Experts
Established on-line portals

"Marketing is telling the world that you are a rock star, content marketing is showing the world you are."

Source: WAVE 8, acitve internet users, Macedonia 2014
Source: WAVE 8, acitve internet users, Macedonia 2014
The Goal

Pivara Skopje - pioneer in digital corporate publishing in Macedonia, the most relevant digital center of unique information

The Era Of Content Marketing
Towards the great ambition

Building awareness about Pivara’s ‘digital magazine’ website
Connecting with different stakeholders and building communities
Engaging with all influencers that can contribute and promote the website
Establishing expertise an key topics and issues
Establishing the website as a relevant source of content related to Pivara, beer, CSDs, active lifestyle etc.
Key Objectives
Who is he?
Kadir is a business owner from Istanbul, interested to expand his business in Macedonia.

What are his needs?
He needs to see what the local companies are doing and what benefits does the government offers to foreign investors.

What is his digital behavior?
Kadir visits websites about local news and business, checks websites of successful local business and foreign investors.

Who is he?
Jane is a young social man, hanging around at pubs quite often with his friends.

What are his needs?
Jane is everyday person, visiting popular portals for fun and communicating with his friends on social networks.

What is his digital behavior?
Jane is very active on social networks, posting and sharing fun content, putting interesting statuses on Twiter and sharing fun photos with his friends.


4 Steps
Themes are wider in scope than specific topics, they represent a whole area Pivara needs to start ‘owning’

Innovation & trends
We love beer
Active living
Defining Themes
Editorial calendar
Atomization Of Content
Measurement And Testing
Website visits
Social media followers, subscribers
Engagement rate on social media
Quality of communication (positive vs negative)
User generated content

Learning On The Way
Early identification of success factors and capturing them
Early identify what failed
Gather evidence to support conclusions
Share with the widest team possible, regularly
5 Prinicples To Keep Us On Track
1.START WITH WHAT OUR AUDIENCES NEED TO KNOW, not what we need to say.
2.STICK TO OUR SWEET SPOT where Pivara is an undisputed expert.
4.LESS CAN BE MUCH MORE. We need to be famous for excellent content that’s worth people’s time.
Every day our social feeds are full of content from various websites on different topics. Mostly the content is the same, what’s trending is just copied from one web address to another…there are a few exceptions of course.

In the age of internet information it’s easy to get distracted but hard to keep track of everything and focus only on the important things or the things that are in our interest..







Name Suggestions
GlassFull.com comes from the idea that the glass is always half full if you are looking on the bright side of life.
Because the corporate platform is aiming to be inspiring and optimistic delivering to the audience a glass full of good information.
At the same time, Pivara Skopje is the company that with its products is present in every home in the country, filling the glasses of many with the best beer and beverages on the market.

Why Glassfull?
Glassfull.com is a platform that offers a unique content of Pivara Skopje and its brands.
Glassfull.com is the dedication the company gives to the community it belongs. It delivers worthy, authentic content that engages the general public and gives a different online experience.
Glassfull.com creates meaningful articles on topics that are closely related with the values and beliefs of Pivara Skopje and broader topics that present the lifestyle of the readers.

What Is Glassfull?
Pivara experts (brand managers, HR trainers, marketing managers etc.)  
Guest writers from the industry and experts from several fields (marketing, economy, human resources, health)
Journalists and bloggers (relevant authorities on specific topics)
Pivara’s global brands sites

How Do We Create Content?
Execution strategy
Offline Promotion
Tray liners
Innovative Ways Of Promotion
BuzzBase is a Word-Of-Mouth platform that rewards Social Media Influencers for created buzz. The service encourages interaction around the content. BuzzBase integrates the clicks and social engagement insights into a unique parameter that shows the created buzz for the content.
Robert Rose,
Content marketing strategist
Source: WAVE 8, acitve internet users, Macedonia 2014
Source: WAVE 8, acitve internet users, Macedonia 2014
What if Pivara provides new and interesting platform which is one of a kind relevant source, offering not only valuable content but also fun and entertaining?

Towards The Name
1. Optimistic
2. Pivara related
3. Trustfull
Creative Concept
Online Promotion
Web and FB banners
Offline Promotion
Community is about relationships.
Relationships are the result of
. Of caring and taking
the time to understand. Of providing
valuable advice or insight
. Of finding the
We are going to build strong relationship with:
1.Pivara customers, both current and potential.
2. The leaders, the innovators, the voices particular to the industry and the society.
3. The influencers, the visionaries from any field that inspire.
Building The Online Community
Pivara Customers
They are relevant to talk about many topics like:
City stories and events
Useful tips on building their proper customer base
Innovation in their field
Pivara Customers
Leaders and innovators
They are relevant to talk about:
Projects on which they work and collaborate with us
Part of their personality nobody know ought the loop of GlassFull
The Influencers
They are relevant to talk about many topics like:
Events and initiatives they support which are on our side of the Glass
Experiences on building their online communities
The benefit of building an online community is that you are building a better business.

One of the beauties of community building is that you don’t need to start from scratch. You can leverage on what is already out there.

Do the right things and your community will fall in love with you. They will become your brand ambassadors.

The steps on building an online community
1. Consistency and content
Being consistent is something that will keep us on track, at the same time keeping on mind that quality is better that quantity. So having two unique posts in one week instead of a daily upload of already seen content is the right step.
Our content will be educational, inspirational and entertaining. A unique spin of targeted relevant information.
The internet is a medium that gives an opportunity to mix the formats- interviews, videos, articles, infographics, pictures…changing the format will enable us to present what we need to say in an engaging manner.


News about beer festivals around the world
Interesting facts- supported by pictures and infographics
Interviews with organizers of beer festival around the world, supported by video, when possible.

2. Designed to share
Good content is spread by the online community. How do we make it sharable? Starting with great headlines and adding the right plugins. The content, whether that is in the form of an article, interview or video, will always deliver what the community seeks to know or what they should know.
Putting ourselves in readers place. Showing what they would like to see not what we have to say.
What we have to say will be shared as a gratitute later.
3. Active on the right social media
We will be active on social media that are in our niche. Sharing our content. Sharing the content of others. Answering questions. Asking questions. Connecting with relevant people. Listening. The more one-on-one connections are made, giving value to each member of the community the better we will become. At the same time we are going to choose wisely on what social media we interact, which one of them our community uses on a daily basis. Once we are set up in our base we can move forward to the goals.
By defining relevant cooperators and partners on every social media.
Spokesman on LinkedIn are for example not influencal and relevant on Facebook.
4. Engaging the community
There is a big difference between audience and community. The audience is a one-way street. No interaction, just passive read on articles. The audience doesn’t participate or share with others. But a community is a living, breathing thing. Extremely interactive and social. With a wish to participate and share. We create space where we interact with our community through guest articles and blog posts.
By adding a section in which we ask our community to share with us
Monthly call for sharing personal experience or tips& tricks from readers on a given subject
How you start your day?
Favorite/smart ways for burning calories
What’s your family unique holiday tradition?
The best place to drink beer
Adding # in social media conversations

5. Enabling others to promote us by promoting them
We are not going to monologue about ourselves. If we want to build a long lasting community we need to enable others and give them credit for what they are doing, for the business, for the society. People appreciate the attention, especially if it’s genuine and useful.
People love to read and share positive and inspiring content, having that on mind, we are going to search for the people that inspire, visionaries and innovators and share their stories with our community.
Example- The guy that organizes the best corporate events around the world from his office in Skopje. The story of Kosta Petrov

6. Interviews
Conducting interviews with people from different sectors in the society is an incredible way to build our brand and offer incredible insight to our community about things that are in their interest. It is sort of the perfect storm. This way we will create valuable content for our community, promoting someone else and making a new connection or renewing and old one. As long as the content of the interview is useful and amazing, it will generate great buzz.
Pivara Skopje is a meaningful part in the lives of many- bar and restaurant owners, supermarket owners, NGO’s that cooperate with the company, mentors that are part of the educational center…all of them have their own success stories. And GlassFull is the space where they can share them. By giving space to others we are showing our online community that we are open to the whole society and we share the same values.
7. Guest posts/ videos/ articles
This can work in both directions- allowing others to have gest posts on GlassFull and at the same time becoming a trusted resource contributing to other sites. By creating unique expert content we will have the opportunity to be shared not only on social media, but imply our philosophy on certain topics on web sites in our niche.
Guest articles by journalist and bloggers from different industries

Fashion is an important part of life and interest to the member of our community so during FWSK and change of season we will ask fashion bloggers to have guest articles -Jovana Zuka, SkopjeCasual, Ivana Knez-Drama. This will after be shared on their blogs and through social media.

Beer can come in handy when cooking, and lately cooking blogs are gaining on popularity. By having a guest video feature on the subject of beer& food pairings and using beer for cooking, authored by a beer expert from Pivara Skopje, GlassFull will get the opportunity to increase its community.

8. PR
The previous point is going to be a useful promotion tool. Media loves experts, and Pivara Skopje/ GlassFull are experts in the soft drinks and beer industry. Using that expertise in order to create relevant content and offer it to other media as their trusted source on the topic, will bring reach to even a broader range of potential members to our community.
9. Live events/ Speaking
Much of building a community online involves offline connections. While a virtual handshake is amazing, nothing quite replaces a real life one. We will do this in two ways- the first one is visiting and taking part in ongoing events. Like Engage or the annual tweet-up and instagram meetings. As for the technology part. But also events like Skopje marathon and Skopje Open. On this way we will be introducing people to a slice of what we stand for. If they like what we have to say then they will become part of our community. We will have our chance not only to share what we know and show our support, but also learn and make meaningful connections for the second part- organizing our own event series. It can be something simple as a cocktail for the best 20 young entrepreneurs/ innovators. Or organize round tables and short debates on topics that are important in the society.
10. Time
Building credibility through worthy content takes time. While some focus on their products and popularity we are going to focus on building a community and maintaining strong relationship with it.
Topics on GlassFull
Active life
Articles covering events related to active lifestyle supported by Pivara Skopje in collaboration with other companies and NGO’s

-Coca Cola Cup
-5 tips to stay active at work: TOOLFIT
- Interview with Arjen Reinerse from Heineken global innovation team: we asked Arjen about his golden triangle (family, work & workout routines)
-Story: Bike riding in Mavrovo & where to stop for refreshment (recommend our customers)
-Story: Must visit National park in the country: hiking in Galicica (recommend our customers)

Active living
Articles that suggest or give advices about wellbeing:

- Story: One diff weekend: horse riding on Bistra & recommendation to visit our customers in Galicnik

-Bike riding in Mavrovo & where to stop for refreshment (recommend our customers)

-We hike to the three waterfalls in Strumica with the locals (to recommend stop at our customers or refreshment stop in Strumica)

Active living

Articles related to healthy food, restaurants

Interview with owners of restaurants

Interviews with the kitchen chefs from restaurants and bistro bars

Making informed choices on calorie intakenu

We love beer
Beer culture

Beer festivals& events
-News about beer festivals around the world – interesting facts/ interviews with organizers
-Presence of our brands on local and regional festivals – supported with photos reportage
-Interviews with local café and night club owners

Perfect serve
-Perfect serve
-Willing to visit a beer pub in Macedonia?
-The experience of a draft beer

Beer stories
-The art of Brewing beer
- Beer types
-The radler story

Consume responsibly platform
Our action

Beer& Food pairings

Active living
Content table
Last but not least
The backbone of great publishing platform
Excellent journalist
/ writer- the voice and personality of the platform
Talented designer
– Amazing artwork and strong recognizable image and great skills with the camera.
– The one who is breaking through the clutter

Stage 1- Lets make it work
Approved concept- GlassFull
Trademark registration
Domain definition
Defining generic logo and variations by categories
Defining homepage structure
Defined topics and starting content
18 stories written by content provider
27 interviews written by content provder
52 articles written by Pivara employess
Approved concept- GlassFull
Macedonian version - Полна чаша
Еnglish version - GlassFull

Trade mark registration- done by client
Domain registration - done by agency within 1 day and included in cost
Defining generic logo and variations by categories
Based on client brief we have used generic logo and elements related to topics that will be main sections of the portal.
For example:
About Pivara Skopje
Healthy & Active living
Contact us

Logo proposals
Defining homepage structure
Defined topics and starting content
Menu- sections and subsections
18 stories, 52 articles, 27 interviews
34 ready texts
7 videos
Menu sections
Cover stories
Serach by topics
Social media links
Trending now
Subscription to newsletter
Footer menu
About Pivara Skopje
Our growth story
90 years already and we have just started
Awards & Recognitions
Reports & Policies
Our Shareholders
Our code of business conduct
Media center
Concepts & Platforms
Sustainable development
Submit your innovation
Overall Timeline
Stage 2- Let there be light
Creation and update of exsiting social media channels
Facebook page- Polna casa
Twitter profile- Polna casa
Instagram profile- Polna casa
Youtube channel- Pivara Skopje
Linkedin profile- Pivara Skopje
Launch of platform
Online & Offline promotion
Online promotion
1. Newsletter announcement of the platform launch- done by client
2. PR announcement of the platform launch- done by client
3. Social media announcement and avdertising - done by agency
4. Social media announcement by brands owned by Pivara- done by client
Offline promotion
Suggested agency proposals:
Launch platfrom event
GlassFull branded gifts to partners
Optimistic messages and branding in horeca outlets

Stage 3- keeping the glass full
Regular content update 2 times per week and new content ideas
Keeping track of most read content
Regular monthly social media plans
Monthly reports on KPI's
Website visits
Facebook engagement and reach
Video views
Fan and community base
Thank you!
Sustainable growth
Quality & Food safety (ready intro text+photos)
The community and us (ready intro)
Active & Healthy Lifestyle (+ stories from active living part)
Consume Beer Responsibly (ready intro text)
Environment (ready intro text)
We love beer
The beer story (ready intro text)
Active living
Active living stories
Contact us: tool for Consumers
Contact us: tool for Customers
Contact us: tool for Media
Apply for Brand sponsorship (tool)
Express interest to join our suppliers' network (tool)
Community requests (tool)
Visit us - schedule a plant tour application - what to expect (ready text)
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