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Computer and Work Related Safety

Bridget Sampson

on 8 March 2010

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Transcript of Safety

Safety Computer and work related Good Work Attitude Major Cause of Work Related Accidents Knowledge of Emergency Plan Computer Viruses and How to Prevent them Potential Abuse and Unethical uses of Computers Not following protocol
work pressure
health issues
unenthnic occurences
poor education
falling, stumbling, colliding, slipping, and cutting
psychological problems
over-worked hours
childhood problems
trojan horses
email viruses
need reliable anti-virus program
update your security programs
install spam blocker or spam filter
be aware of emails, even from people you know
update programs at all times, or it will not recognize new viruses
Beware of boot sector, program, multipartite, stealth, polymorphic, macro, Active X and Java control viruses
always have a backup software program must be operated and maintained in a secure environment
handle in responsive manner
critical for systems and machines to be protected at all times
Computer systems- include any microcomputer, workstation, mini-computer or mainframe computer used on campus or accessible by a way of other networks, in different locations
computer networks- include an wide or local area communications systems connecting computer systems
Privacy vs. Open Records
Vandalism and etc.
be friendly
stay alert
sharpen your creative skills
don't get discouraged
remember those who are nice to you
involve others
develope your own style of dealing with others
don't disparage any tasked preformed by anybody choose a safe place in every room
find a place to get under so nothing can hurt you
practice drop, cover, and hold on
have an out of town contact for if something goes wrong
should take a first aid class
get training to use a fire extinguisher
hand out plan of escape routes
understand codes for a drill
make sure to get everyone out safe
Good Attitude Only
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