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Fire Fighting Robot using Arduino

No description

Nuriya Kurmangaliyeva

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Fire Fighting Robot using Arduino

The aim of my project
Fire Fighting Robot
The Implementation
To use all my knowledge I got at the university and try successfully apply them in practice
To develop interesting and useful robot, whiсh provides effiсienсy, usability and reliability
To do "The automatized complex of fire prediction and elimination by using Information technologies”.
is a critical operation that currently needs to be performed regularly by humans.

My project consist of two main parts:
- Hardware
- Software
My fire fighting robot is based on the four-module integrated system, which
motion control;
- obstacle avoidance;
- flame tracking;
- extinguishing.

These four modules are independently responsible for each individual robot task.

by Kurmangaliyeva Nuriya
Fire Figthing Robot using Arduino
Academic supervisor:
Dr. Ivanov Alexandr
This slide presents “The automatized complex of fire prediction and elimination by using Information technologies”.
Fire fighting robot is able to search and extinguish fire sources, while avoiding obstacles that are in its way of travel.


This robot is effeсtive, beсause it is very easy to use and is suitable not only for speсialized workers, but also for the general population. And this robot is effeсtive beсause it extinguish small home fires before they can engulf the house. And it is important and effective robot for your home, building or factory.

People think that it is the most useful tool at home. It will extinguish small fires before they can engulf the building. And it is useful when nobody at home.

The reliability of this projeсt is also provided, beсause in this robot, there are sensors, and eaсh of whiсh performs its own work. And in these sensors, there are ranges of flame, distance for ultrasonic sensors. Projeсt is the reliable too, beсause it does not need to be updated, and anybody сan use it for many years
Even small fires can become serious without timely detection.
Once a fire breaks out, it is always an emergency that must be addressed immediately.
We lose several human lives each year in fire fighting activity.
The Project
Hardware part
Software part
The software of robot is divided to 5 parts:
1. Main part. (firefighter)
2. Motor Controlling part. (motor)
3. Distance Checking part. (distance_checking)
4. Path Planning part. (path_planning)
5. Flame Detection part. (flame_detection)

Fire Fighter Robot consists of:
1. Robot chassis
2. Arduino Mega 2560 board
3. Arduino Motor Shield with built-in two l293d motor drivers
4. 3x hc-srf04 ultrasonic range sensors
5. 3x flame sensors
6. motor pump with 7cm hose
7. 250 ml jar
8. two rails breadboard
9. Soil Moisture Sensor
10. Level indicator KA2284

1. Robot chassis
This robot chassis has two dc motors and one universal wheel for
balancing. Its size is 22cm X 12cm (LxW), and wheels size is 6.5cm X2.7cm (DxH). Motors use from 3V up to 6V power.

2. Arduino Mega 2560
The Arduino Mega 2560 is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega2560. It has 54 digital input/output pins (of which 15 can be used as PWM outputs), 16 analog inputs, 4 UARTs (hardware serial ports), a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP
3. Arduino Motor Shield with built-in two l293d motor drivers
Here is a design for a full-featured motor shield that will be able to power many simple to medium-complexity projects.
• 2 connections for 5V 'hobby' servos connected to the Arduino's high-resolution dedicated timer - no jitter!
• Up to 4 bi-directional DC motors with individual 8-bit speed selection (so, about 0.5% resolution)
• Up to 2 s tepper motors (unipolar or bipolar) with single coil, double coil, interleaved or micro-stepping.

4. 3x hc-srf04 ultrasonic range sensors
HC-SR04 is one of the most popular ultrasonic sensors used in robotics by students and hobbyists to determine the distance from a robot to objects.
5. 3x flame sensors
These sensors are most popular fire, flame detection sensors.
Module features:
1. can detect the flame or light source wavelength in the range of 76 cm to 110 cm, the lighter test flame to 80cm, testing the greater the distance the greater the flame,
2. the detection angle of about 60 degrees, the flame spectrum is particularly sensitive
3. has potentiometer for adjustment
4. the comparator output, the signal is clean, good waveform, driving ability, more than 15mA
5. with adjustable precision potentiometer sensitivity adjustment
6. the working voltage 3.3V-5V
7. the output format: Digital switch output (0 and 1)
8. has a fixed bolt hole for easy installation
9. small board PCB size: 3.2cm x 1.4cm

6. Motor pump with 7cm hose and pipe
This is a mini submersiblewater pump. It's built by a brushless motor providing smooth and quiet operation than a non-brushless water pump. It can be used to pump oil as well (no gasoline*)
7. 250 ml jar
I just took it from kitchen. It uses for water storage. I have made two holes on its cap for water pump’s wires and hose.
8. Two rails breadboard
I have cut my breadboard’s two rails. It uses for comfortable supplying power and ground for sensors from ardiuno
9. Soil Moisture Sensor

The Soil Moisture Sensor is used to measure the volumetric water content of soil. But I will use it for water level in jar.
10. Level indicator KA2284
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