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Cowbird/Bison: Commensalism

Prezi for Env. Science, Mrs. Agen class,Period 5

Daniel Cohen

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Cowbird/Bison: Commensalism

Cowbird/Bison: Commensalism
So what type of relationship is this?
This symbiotic relationship is known as
commensalism,one organism benefits while the other could care less.

What would happen if one of the buddies weren't there?
Due to the relationship,the effects vary on which species was absent.
What advantages and disadvantages do they provide one another?

Cowbirds eat insects that the bison disturb as they feed on grasslands.

What about the bison?
The bison are neither helped nor harmed. They just keep going on and eat grass.

If the Bison were not there....
The cowbirds would be harmed as they would have a more difficult time getting food.
If the Cowbirds were not there...
The bison doesn't care. The cowbirds never helped or harmed them at all.
Why do they live together?

Cowbirds evolved to travel alongside bison herds as they moved through prairies and meadows.
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