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Copy of Smart City

No description

blessed chiwara

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Smart City

How the Product Works? ID Smart Ticket Smart ID Security Cameras Set up on Every Major Junction in the Region, and Areas with Known Crime and Traffic Issues What is the Product

Feed back to Central Hub, Monitor and Assess both Criminal and Traffic Activity Throughout the Region Smart Ticket System Any questions? Thank you for listening
In 2012 combined shipments of pure contactless and dual interface national ID cards accounted for 19% of all shipments and are forecast to increase to 37% in 2017

The use of dual interface cards is demonstrating the fastest growth with a compound annual growth rate of 65% over the same time

An increased proportion of national ID projects now stipulate the use of a dual interface Similar & successful schemes Why it will work? Passengers will have ample time in the departure lounge ...

Utilise airport facilities

Less delayed flights
+ More customers
= Greater Revenue

Revenue can be increased by utilising the extra space in the terminal How will smart ticket increase revenue? Reduction in paper usage Reduced Airport Costs High-tech IDs with built-in biometrics and RFID chips What is a Smart ID Resources 1- Major Cities

2- Olympics/World Cup

3- Long Term solution to an Ongoing Issue In Latin America

4-Duel Purpose Product Potential Opportunity? Smart Cams Smart Cams Danger Zones Highlighted for Emergency Services

Alert system with GPS monitoring for Criminal Activity e.g. Stolen Cars/Drugs Traffic Huge Levels of Congestion in Major Cities
No Current Method of Monitoring Accidents Crime 44% of Latin Americans are Victims of Some Type of Crime Every Year

Latin America is Accountable for Highest Homicide rates/ Violence in the World ACCIDENTS CONGESTION 44% 50 000 population monitoring is the need? WHERE Smart CA MS Airports National IDs integrate
infrastructure What is the Smart Ticket System Why it is needed? Latin American Airports are inefficient Airports are projected to grow rapidly Drive consumers to businesses in the airport and surrounding areas Increased Revenue Higher levels
of tourism Increased customer interaction Increased terminal space EFFICI ENCY Reduced Queues Reduced disposal and clean up of tickets Less staff required Automated system will reduce infrastructure costs Official form of identification for citizens Secure computerized national registries (encryption) ID will have security features designed to deter fraud Mandatory for everyone aged 18+ to have a Smart ID Better surveillance of citizens Similar & successful schemes How the Samrt ID works Citizen Data ID SMART
ID The need for a Smart ID Proof of identity at private and public institutions Intergration Efficient delivery of welfare services Traveling inside the country Effective monitoring of various e-Governance Benefits ACCURATE Identity System COMBAT SECURITY ISSUES Streamlined services Merge ONLINE and
OFFLINE ativities Authenticating activities ELIMINATE Synchronise States CRIME PREVENTION no new identity In Brazil prisoners were the first to receive the new identity cards so that other states could easily identify them when they moved LESS FRAUD Used in all civil, administrative and judicial processes Traffic Central Hub Alternative Routes Current Situation in
Latin America Growing Population Developing Region Growing GDP Causing social strains on
city infrastructures: Our ideas will focus on
THREE MAIN ISSUES Crime Travel TI CK ET Surveilance Implement the

Smart ticket

system The economy in

Latin America

is growing rapidly How do you increase
airports efficiency
customer experience? Airports are inefficient

customer experience

is poor A flexible intelligent system that uses smart technology to address
four key factors

of airport efficiency and experience:

Situational awareness
Business intelligence
Personalization Customers queuing for up to 2 hours

Up to a third of flights canceled or delayed

Staff not equipped to deal with large passenger traffic Reduced Flight Delays Reduced Staff Demand £££ Why Smart Ticket is needed The

replaces the usage is rising Smartphone sales are expected to grow by
in SMART TICKET BOARDING PASS IATA record that a paper ticket costs an average of US$10 to process versus US$1 for an electronic ticket SMARTPHONE Latin American smartphone sales to hit
in 2012 145 MILLION 106% increase in Argentina between 2011 & 2012 73% Brazil after 2012 According to the SITA/Airline Business IT Trends Survey 2012: 71% of respondents believe smartphones and websites will be the dominant channels for passenger processing beyond 2015 According to the SITA/Airline Business IT Trends Survey 2012: 71% when converting to an automated system
It cost the airline $3.02 per passenger for conventional check-in services. With kiosks, this cost has been reduced to 14¢ in LARGE SAVINGS AUTOMATED SYSTEM Why it will work? According to International Air Transport Association: Average savings for online check-in, with baggage: US$ 3.58

Average savings for online check-in, without baggage: US$ 5.34

Annual savings with 20% market penetration: US$ 500 million

Average savings per kiosk check-in: US$ 2.50

Annual savings with 40% market penetration: US$ 1 billion

Six traditional check-in desks can process up to 120 passengers per hour, while six desks used for bag drop only with 10 kiosks up front for check-in can process more than 300 passengers per hour S

Still working on the rest

email me thoughts DETAILS SECURE DETAILS UNSECURE ENCRYPTED Government programs and schemes Free transit for Latin American citizens to

wherever they choose within Latin American, disregarding nation-of-origin and national border restrictions FUTURE MOVE, LIVE & WORK Unique identification of citizens based on fingerprints

Electronic National Identity Registry Intensified surveillance ultimately decrease costs multiple IDs Photo ID card number
Social security number
Work number
Health number
Blood type
Marital status
Organ donation
Military service
Parents names

Facial image
10 fingerprints BIOMETRIC
TECHNOLOGY Civil Register



Police &
Military Census



Police records
(Similar to CRB) INTEGRATE Organisations Process INTEGRATE USES OF
SMART ID and have made great progress in implementing similar smart id’s

At least within Latin America already had basic electronic id’s

Of these 9 countries, 6 have the in Faced with The 2016 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, Brazil has begun integrating its

Mexico are working closely with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to developing an

In January of 2011 the Honduran government estimated the issuance of at 500 million Lempiras (£16,779,412) 3.5 million Smart ID Cards American Trusted Traveller border pass card national database to smart cards France, Indonesia, Malaysia Poland Russia 9 countries largest cities Latin America Investment Prospects Adoption of the ID smart card by Brazil, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland and Russia contributed to a global growth in ID smart card business revenues to $3.5 billion in October 2012.

The drive in higher level product adoption will result in end user national ID smart card revenues increasing from $3.5 billion in 2012 to $7.6 billion in 2017.

Governments are increasingly deploying high-end national ID cards to improve security, multi-application adoption and streamline existing services

Year-on-year growth rates are expected to remain in the double digits right through to 2014. "The business pipeline remains strong with contactless adoption at the heart of requirements" (ABI Research, 2012) Investment Prospects High Tech Cameras Installed Throughout Major Cities in Latin America Facial Recognition
GPS Tracking
Read and Track Number Plates
Assess and Monitor Traffic, Congestion and Accidents 50,000 Brazilian Lives Claimed Every year In Collisions Create a Safer and More Efficient City Existing Similar
Success Schemes? Rio De Janeiro IBM installed censors and Video feeds
Reduced Congestion Singapore Junction Electronic Eyes Intelligent Traffic Micro-management
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