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Stirling T.

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Tsunamis

How do people cope living in a region where tsunamis occur?
The people have to be ready to evacuate any time
They need to get to a very very high place or get as far away from the water as possible
Whenever a tsunami does strike a coastal community the people that live in that community receive help from close towns, donations from other places, and from their military

What is a Tsunami ?
How much damage do Tsunamis make ?
Tsunamis can travel for a mile or two after they reach land
They can beat a 3story building for height
The vast length of a Tsunami also effects its forces. As it travels it loses energy. The rate of energy loss is inversely proportional to the length. The longer the wave the less energy is lost, therefor it has more force to strike the coast.
Can a tsunami be predicted?
Tsunamis can be predicted most of the time
Any time there is an earthquake or a volcano eruption near the coast, they usually go into a tsunami warning
It is possible that an under water earthquake happen that they don't know about so there could be a tsunami that was unpredicted
What is the cause of a Tsunami?
Tsunamis are most commonly caused by under water earthquakes
They can also be caused by volcanoes
They occur when the sea floor is disrupted in any way
Tsunamis start out as little waves in deeper water but as the water get shallower the waves get faster and bigger

What is a recent occurrence of a Tsunami?
A recent occurrence of a tsunami would be the one in Japan in 2011
The tsunami occurred in Tohoku
There was an earthquake that caused the tsunami
The height of the waves reached 133 feet
15,884 people were confirmed dead, 6,148 injured, a0d 2,633 missing
a total of 127,290 buildings completely collapsed
A Tsunami is a large destructive wave of water.
A Tsunami can reach speeds almost as fast as a jet plane
They are strong enough to destroy a coastal community in in moments
Tsunamis happen along coasts that are over fault lines

What effects does a tsunami have on the economy?
A tsunami is very hard on the economy of the place it hits
They cause so much damage and destruction, it costs a lot to get it fixed
The people lose all of their resources that they had in there homes
They lose food warmth possessions and more

Who is most vulnerable to tsunamis?
The people that live on the coastlines above faults are the most vulnerable to tsunamis
they are the closest to the giant wave
The more people and buildings the place has, the more that can be destroyed

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