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No description

Leonardo Zuniga

on 18 June 2011

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Transcript of X-men

Wolverine the most agressive of the team. Then there is the beast who is a blue gorilla who is super smart. The beast was a regular human being scientist who, in an accident, he became his uncurable beast of a self. Cyclops is the next player of the team and he has the ability to shoot laser beams from his eyes. Cyclops was also a regular human being until one day he was in an accident which gave him the power to shoot laser beams from his eyes. The catch was that whenever his eyes are exposed they don't stop firing. The next character, my most favorite character, is Nightcrawler who can teleport to any place that is close to him even if he has not seen the place before. Nightcrawler was born a mutant and is surprisingly the son of Mystique , the bad guy, his mom was experimented on by a crazy scientist and in the end he gained the experimental powers. The next team member is by the name Kittie and she can phase through any surface or material. Wolverine is also the strongest of the team. His claws were bones until his whole skeletal structure was filled with adamantium. He can also heal from virtually any injury which is quite cool. ShadowCat is nicknamed kittie and she has the ability to phase through any material being a very good power but once she enters that material she is visible to the inside of the facility she is entering. In the original X-Men series she had a purple dragon but she no longer has it in the modern X-Men series. Storm a very powerful character with ability to control the weather is up next and so is her bio. Storm was an african orphan but was found by a pure thief and she excelled to be his star pupil. She then found that her family was able to wield magic and she began to notice her powers and she grew to be a queen of Africa. The next X-men member is Colossus who was in love with ShadowCat and she was in love with him. Colossus died but was resurected by a god that sacrificed her live to save his. This god was a god that he was in love with and she loved him too so he was heart-broken to find that she had died. This pain made him end his relationship with ShadowCat and he just stayed with the team still dramatized from the death of his divine love.
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