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No description

Mitchell Codrington-Clark

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Media

Script Proposal Proposed format and justification Unique selling point- Football violence isn't
usually covered by the BBC in the drama format. Although there has been many films e.g. The Firm & Green Street covering the problem of football violence there hasn't been a notable drama series covering the same issue for quite some years.

Format- I'm planning to have 3 separate hour long episodes each shown on a Saturday, week by week at 9 o'clock. Inspiration Mum & Dad- Both black Caribbean and
at the start of the film they're shown to be middle aged and as the drama progresses it'll show them getting older and more fragile. They very hard on Dion throughout. Very strict and hold traditional values. Tom & Asafa- They're both of Caribbean British mix and there age varies throughout the drama however Tom is older than Dion and Asafa is the baby of the family. Both brothers tease Dion during his younger years for being the parents least favorite child. As they get older they fight more and more, however when they come of age they remain loyal to each other. Opening Scene The start of the drama will be showing Dion's early struggles with his family and school. This all shaped him up to be the man he was and that man turned about to be the poster boy for Leyton Orient's football violence scene. He run the show throughout the 80s until one day he witnessed his good friend Jack get violently assaulted whilst he was unable to help in any way. This made him think about what he was doing and drove him to the decision of quitting this football scene and putting all his energy in making money for his newly formed family. Synopsis Lily & Jack- Lily and Jack are both white and their age progresses from young teenagers when they first meet Dion to middle age. Dion's best friends throughout the drama. Stick with him what ever he does. As loyal as dogs. Dion- Black man age ranges from young teenager to a middle age man. The protagonist of the drama. Dion goes from a frustrated youth into a leading figure of a football violence but trades that all in to become a wholesome family man. The opening scene of The Fight will show Dion laughing and joking with his friends in their local pub reminiscing over the 'good days' when they were younger with fewer worries. This leads to Dion telling his friends the struggles he endured in his younger years. Characters Initial scenario The Fight
By Mitchell .C. Clark My target audience will be from ages of 18-35 as I feel the genre will most appeal to them. My secondary audience would be 35-60 as some people of this age will be able to relate to some of Dion's experiences.

I've chosen the 9pm time slot to cater for my target and secondary audiences as this is the prime time for these ages to be watching television.

The language used in The Fight will also compliment the target audience as it'll be more colloquial and the age range I've targeted will be more likely to relate and understand certain terms used. Target audience Task overview This is a submission for BBC writers room. The drama series idea I have come up with matches what I feel is suitable for the kind of drama BBC tend to air. Although there isn't an intended
message there are various
messages you could take away
the main one being, 'There is a
second chance for everyone in
life.' Another dominant reading
could be 'It's never too late to
turn your life around.' Audience Profile
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