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Elit 1

No description

Marie Gernes

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Elit 1

Double click anywhere & add an idea Literacy Session 1 (of 6)

Defining Literacy & Planning for
Reading Comprehension Marie Gernes
515.954.8920 Drafting Key Points (Again?) what you tell your students they will learn and yourself
and your CMA Key Points should be
Logically Sequenced~ right order
Accurate~ right stuff
Appropriate~ at the right level of rigor
Student-Friendly~ meaningful Reading Comprehension Key Points
are Special What literary elements will students need to know? How can you apply a reading strategy to a text? Why will doing this help you understand more deeply? Just think
HOW This should NOT take long or be painful!
Big Goal for Key Points:
Draft them in 5 minutes. Feel Good.
Move on. and now the "we do" Drafting Reading Comprehension Assessments Remember, assessments (P1) are a PLANNING ACTION
daily, formative information helps us pick up our instruction in following days
Strive to create ALIGNED, RIGOROUS, SCAFFOLDED, RELIABLE In literacy, this comes to 2 points. You need to measure students' ability to
apply the objective to authentic text.
and explain their thought process to you. alignment scaffolded, reliable Thinking about Lit Assessment Format See poster
& take out Handout 5 Literacy is NOT LINEAR, and
there is no perfect assessment.

It's a human process, and assessment
is a way of gathering information
to nourish your instruction
and your students.

(like an apple.) Handout 4, Step 6 Remember to check the Literacy Hub and come back to Handout 5 to check your own assessments. We've done the INM/ GP of drafting assessments, you'll do IP as you plan.
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