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Salem Witch Trials

No description

Julianne Torio

on 3 February 2017

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Transcript of Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials
The Village of Salem
The History of Witchcraft & Witches
The Trials
Settled in 1629
Very small community
English Puritan colony
First Puritan Church in the New World
2 parts of Salem: Salem Town & Salem Village
Salem Village wanted to seperate form Salem Town
On bad terms with the Naukeag indian tribe
What is Witchcraft?
Witchcraft is the practice of magic
Witches are people who use witchcraft
Wide variety of witchcraft
Puritan Beliefs
Traits of a witch:
now conforming to Puritan law
spending time alone
other foolish reasons...
How it started
The Accusers:
Someone accuses witchery to the Magistrate.
The accused "witch" waits in jail for trial.
3)Trial in Court-
The accuser(s) provides evidence.
The Magistrate sentences whether or not he person is guilty or NOT guilty(which rarely happens)
Are you a witch?
By: Julianne Torio
Belief of witches around forever
Before, witches saw their powers as divine gifts from God
King James, popularized the negative belief of witches
Salem Village in the early 1700's
Salem (now Danvers), Massachusetts today
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History & Background
Why did the Trials take Place?
The Accused:
200+ people accused
37 people & 2 dogs killed
ruined lives & relationships
1000+ murders worldwide
Abigail Williams
cousin Betty
Tituba(a slave from Barbados)

Sarah Good(a homeless woman)

Sarah Osborne( a woman who married a servant)
Sink Test
Prayer Test
Scale Test
Greedy attention seeking girls
Fear of Women Power
And the most popular reason of all...
What is Ergot?
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