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No description

Lukas Wimmer

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Tibet

Tibet Autonomous
region of China Nepal asia - central asia Location west china - tibeten plateau What's there? High mountains Nam co Many saltwater lakes 2000 square metres snow sources of big rivers Lakes two big rivers Indus Yarlung Tsangpo mountain glacier high mountains the roof of the world 4950 metres above the see 5 summits 4 next summits Lhotse Makalu Cho oju Shisha Pangma 1953 2012 600 people in the queue
4000 “climbers” May 2012 Shisha Pangma, Cho oju, Chomolungma and Lhotse, Makalu Bhutan Burma China India Climate cold
huge differences China Arabian Sea South
Sea Why so high? Indo-Australian Plate + Eurasian Plate = rising, 5 mm a year changing with altitude animals and guy sources: http://rolfgross.dr
http://www.meltdownintibet.com/e_melting.htm eamhosters.com/Kailas/Maps.htm
Školní atlas svta, Kartografie Praha, 2006
http://www.manang.com/tibet Lukas Wimmer horymapa fronta indie teploy yetti yaks
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