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Campus Cursive

No description

Micaela Evans

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Campus Cursive

We Need to Grow Our Team!
Who Are We?
We are the University Chapter of the organization The World Needs More Love Letters
There are 62 University Campus Cursive Chapters..
Want to join the Executive Team?

Executive of Administration
- Take minutes at each meeting
Campus Cursive
Launch Party

More Love Letters
It all started with one person, and grew into a movement...
..and we are the newest!
I work directly with a Campus Coordinator from MLL, so that we can continue on their mission of love and encouragement.
Plans for this
first year at SFU!
Love Lettering
Love Letter Bundles
- We have the supplies, you have the
positivity. Together, we can create great + inspiring letters for strangers to stumble across.
- Let your creativity flow, whether you think you have any, or not!
- Minimal is fine, too! The content is most important.
- Beginning at the next event, we will have print outs of the MLL letter requests
People from around the world are nominated by friends/family for a love letter bundle on the MLL website, where strangers hear their story and write them.
- In the future, we hope to set up our own request system where friends can nominate those who could gain something from our encouragement, locally
Love Lettering
- You can leave them in library shelves, on study tables, on the chair behind you as you leave lecture, between Starbucks merch, on Skytrains.. the possibilities are endless!
- You can letter drop with a friend
- You can write as many or as few as you choose
- You can continue writing outside of these meetings - we'd LOVE that
Love Lettering: Do's + Don'ts
- Get creative with your words and design (not a necessity though)
For Example...
Love Lettering: Tips + Tricks
- Try to keep the letters short & sweet. Don't exceed a page or card length please
- Write to the person as if you truly care about them and/or are already their friend
Love Letter Bundles
Love Lettering: Do's + Don'ts
- Give away personal information - we want to stay safe, this is not meant to create pen pals
- Offer specific advice, rather try to stick with general encouragements/quotes/happy stuff
- Write what you would feel encouraged by finding if you were that person
- Write gender specific/religion specific letters unless placed in a specific place (girls bathroom, Christian place of worship etc..)
- This would only be appropriate in, say, a girl's bathroom...
..and we believe hand written letters hold immense power.
- Get creative with your drop locations
- Please include info about who we are on your card/letter. It introduces more people to the cause, and maybe youll see your card on social media somewhere!

- #moreloveletters or
- www.moreloveletters.com and
- #CampusCursiveSFU
Executive of Finance
- Keep track of club finances (grants, spending, events)
Executive of Photography & Design
- Create club graphics/promotional material
Welcome to
Campus Cursive!
- Record all present members at each meeting
- Attend monthly coffee executive meetings
- Relevant knowledge/experience/courses an asset
- Attend the monthly coffee executive meetings
- Take photos at events
- Experience with computer design programs an asset
- Attend monthly coffee executive meetings
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