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Dunkin' Donuts

No description

Ardeen Flöter-Johnston

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Dunkin' Donuts

Why the name? Quincy, MA (1950) more than 1,000 varieties of donuts "Advertising War" "crossing the line of friendly competition" "unethical marketing practices" "Dunkin' runs on lawsuits." with approx. 7,900 locations in U.S.:
154 lawsuits between 2006 and 2008 Subway(approx. 29,000 locations):
12 lawsuits McDonald's(approx. 22,500 locations): 5 lawsuits "the most litigious franchise system in the country"
(DD Independent Franchise Owners) Franchiser for franchiser:
- rapid expansion options
- low economic risk for franchiser:
- waiver on income
- image Values Honesty Fairness Responsibility Transparency Respect Integrity Humility Sports Teams Community
Commitment Why the colors? - Dunkin' - Dunking
- Dunkin' Donuts is an alliteration
- more memorable than Charlie's Donuts Color psychology

- warmth, enthusiasm

Pink :
- sincerity, calming effect - Font is round and puffy;
- The O looks like a donut itself
- looks comforting Interior Design ´Franchiser
(Supplier) Franchisee
(Operator) use of trademark and distribution of goods Fee Pros
for franchisee:
- accelerated market entry
- proven business concept and
complete package Cons
for franchisee:
- franchise fee up to 33%
- image
- little entrepreneurial freedom
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