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Copy of Tips & Tricks for matching

No description

Oscar Consuelo

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Tips & Tricks for matching

What do I need ?
Be honest.
Be attractive.
How to apply
Interview process.
Go pro!
Be honest with you !
What I want?
Where I want to go?
Decide fast !
Be attractive !
Standout from the others
look professional, in your
cv, my@, email & fb.
Less resources !
How to apply
What if I found my dream internship
and nobody answer me?
Resend your email
Search the LC in fb
Interview Process:
Where? (SKYPE)

Time zones

Be ready

Why this country?
Why you want this internship?
What we can expect from you?
3 Fortress & 3 weakness
Any experience on the field?
Why should I choose you?
Be different!
Enjoy your experience!

Tips & Tricks
If they select me now what?
You need to send your EP-AN (Acceptance Note) your local LC will provide this
The other LC will send you the TN-AN
accepting you.
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