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No description

Patty van Wijk

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Disney

Presence of drugs in Disney
Snow White and
the seven dwarfs
- Snow white = cocaine
- Each of the 7 dwarfs
represents a secondary
effect of cocaine
Alice in Wonderland...
a drug trip from
the start to the end.

Hidden sexual messages in Disney's production

1. Feminist criticism on Disney's princesses
1.1 Social learning theory: observational learning
2. Disney's response
2.1 The evolution of Disney's princesses

Sexual images in Disney movies accidental or not?

Why does Disney include these sexual references?

One theory sex sells and helps raise the number of spectator
Examples of these references
Sexual references
"Teenagers... take off all your clothes"

"C'mon... good kitty take off and go!"
Sexual references
- The representation of the word 'sex'

- SFX. A tribute to special effects
Many complaints were made by
many different groups!!

What do you think?
Other movies where sex representations are present:

- Mickey Mouse

- Rescuers

- Hercules, etc.
Racism and Nazism behind the scenes
Walt Disney: Political affiliations? There were rumors about Disney's Facism and Nazism relationship

He attended American Nazi party meetings

Were Disney productions influenced by Disney's politics? ABSOLUTELY

In fact, we are going to see one of the most polemical videos that Disney had to delete.
The merchant from
Lady and the Tramp
The crows from Dumbo
Feminist outlooks at Disney's princesses
These princesses represent feminist
ideals of autonomy

But the importance of love and marriage
is maintained

The not so wonderful world of Disney

1. What did Disney say to defend themselves
against the appearance of the word 'sex' in
Lion King

a. They said it meant to read SAX to pay tribute to the Valencian village, which landscape inspired them to make the movie

b. They meant to say SIX, to pay tribute to the director's six year old son

c. It was SFX, to pay tribute to the special effects used in the film
2. What are the typical characteristics of woman in Disney movies?

a. Lack of independence, beautiful, housewives, fat

b. Intelligent, but ugly woman who control man

c. Lack of independence, beautiful, housewives, skinny

d. Independent, business woman
3. It is rumored that Wald Disney was a communist...

a. all is life

b. only on the weekend

c. in the second stage of his life

d. under no circumstances
4. When and where was Walt Disney born ?

a. 1911, in Alicante

b. 1911, in Chicago

c. 1901, in New York

d. 1901, in Chicago
Thank you for your attention

We hope you enjoyed our presentation
Tyler Phillip Horne
Patricia van Wijk
Jorge Roca
Cristian Guarinos
Alba Auriemma
Similarities between the princesses
Snow White, the Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella
The Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid
Mulan, Yasmine from Alladin and The Princess and the Frog
Feminist outlooks at Disney's princesses
1 The evolution of Dinsey's princesses
Pocahontas, Mulan, Alladin
The Princess and the Frog

- Shift in the image of woman: more independent characters
- Inclusion of non-white princesses
1. Feminist criticism on Disney's princesses

Feminist criticized the Walt Disney Company for giving a negative image of women in its movies. These images can be taken as role models to follow, according to the social learning theory

1.1 Social learning theory:

Gender identity and role: set of behaviours that are learned from the environment
- Observational learning:
Observation [ + imitation ] of models -> children learn gender behaviour
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