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paula calderari

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of HAWAI

What is Hawaii ?
Hawaii is a wonderful set of islands that belongs to United States.
Hawaii has wonderful views, its landscape is full of palm trees that are surround by white, soft, humid land.
There is an international airport where also you can take a boat and go to the other islands.
In 2012, the population of Hawaii was 1,392 millions of inhabitants.
In Hawaii there are only two stations: winter (from October to April) and summer (from May to October.)
Normally, the temperatures in winter are approximately from 11 Cº to 21 Cº. And in summer normally from 26 Cº to 66 Cº.
Hawaii in winter.
Hawaii in summer.
The language of Hawaii is called Hawaiian.
Hawaii use as the rest of the U.S.A the dollar as official currency and its sign is $ .
Hawaii is one of the island's top tourist attractions in the world, is incredible for the people that is founding a relaxing holiday, weekend...
The most beautiful tourist attractions in Hawaii are :
-Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve
-Diamond Head State Monument
-Waimea Arboretum and Botanical Gardens
-Panaewa Rainforest Zoo
-USS Arizona Memorial, Oahu
-Puuhonua or Honaunau National Historical Park, Big Island.
-Waimea Canyon, Kauai - "Grand Canyon of the Pacific"
The most important and principal events in Hawaii are :

-Hawaii International Film Festival, Oahu

-Honolulu Festival, Oahu

-Koloa Plantation Days Festival, Kauai

-Maui Film Festival, Maui

-Pan Pacific Festival, Oahu

-Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, Hawaii
The center has Parasailing, Jetsking, Scuba diving, Wakeboarding, Water-skiing, and Surfing Lessons. Also, they had the exciting Banana Boat and Bumper Tube ride.
Now you are going to watch a fantastic video of the different sports you can do in the water´s of the Water´s Sport.
Interesting things to do in Hawaii - Golf, Fishing, Theaters, Boating, Shopping, Hawaii Recreation...
The Bumper Tube Ride
Costs 35$ per person and is very funny, also complicated to stay in the "boat" but an incredible experience.
Cost 59$ and when you are in the sky is like flying, you see the water and the birds, is a paradise.
We have an special offer because we know you are going to have a beautiful and wonderful stay in Hawaii. Now, you have in the transport a 50% of discount and you can go by air or by water.
when you are in the airport or in the port, two persons are going to serve you in everything what you want
And they are going to have a car in which they are going to take you to your hotel in which you will establish yourself.
The transport of where you live to Hawaii is 120$, doesen´t mind if you go by air or by water.(The price depend of in what category are you going if you go by air)
The price of the hotel is 60$ per in only a week.Is very comfortable and with a lot of accommodations for you to pass a incredible holiday.
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