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royal bank of scotland

information on the bank of scotland

matthew gaunt

on 1 September 2010

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Transcript of royal bank of scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland history
the bank was founded in 1727 by eight staff in the old town of Edinburgh
in 1783 it opened its first branch in the trading city of Glasgow in 2009 the core business operating profits rose 89% to £8.3 billion 1727
1821 they became one of the first major businesses to move to the new district obn the north side of the city known as new town.
by 1910 they had a network of 158 branches and employed 900 staff.
to keep the bank running during the first world war they employed large numbers of women for the first time.
drive in banks were introduced i9n the 1960s.
in 1973 they were the first scottish bank to have all branches linked online to the head office.
in 1994 they established direct banking which became a fast growing 24 hour telephone service.
they had a disappointing performance in 2008 in all businesses except one
present head office recession
the bank of scotland announced a loss of 3.6billion pounds of bad loans and as a result of the recession the royal bank of scotland offer many things for example;
Current accounts
Credit cards
Investments & financial planning
Travel & international
Digital Banking
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