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Declaration of Independence

No description

Dana Di Giansante

on 17 November 2011

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Transcript of Declaration of Independence

Declaration of
Independence July 4th 1776 Who was there? 56 people signed the Declaration of Independence
The oldest was Benjamin Franklin (age 70)
The youngest was Edward Rutledge (age 26)

Complaints Against the King The king had done many unfair things to the American colonies. Some of our complaints are as follows:
He refuses to allow us to pass laws we need.
He refuses to sign laws into effect.
He refuses to allow more settlers immigrate to the colonies.
He places ridiculous taxes on every day items we need.
He won't allow us to have a jury for our trials AND will not allow us to choose our own judges.
He sends those accused of crime to England for trial where they often don't return.
He tries to start revolts. Why Was This Written? In 1776, the Continental Congress decided to get together to write a letter to the King of England explaining why they were fighting to be their own country.

They wanted independence from England.

They believed that all men:
Are created equal.
Have some rights given to them by God.
And that among those rights are: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Parts of the Declaration Preamble (introduction)
Statement of Rights and Ideas about Government (their plan to ensure the rights)
Grievances against the King (a list of complaints and a statement that they have been warned previously)
Conclusion: A statement declaring separation from the King of England and that the colonies will now be free states. This also contained the signatures of the 56 delagates.
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