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No description

Vida Spencer

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of QAR

Laura smith
Vida Spencer Question - Answer - Response
(QAR) What is QAR? The QAR strategy presents a 3 way relationship
between questions, text content, and reader knowledge. Simply put, the QAR strategy shows that students who understand how questions are written are better prepared to answer questions. Using QAR QAR is a low-prep strategy that can be used
with students while reading for comprehension in
any subject.

In order for QAR to be effective,
the teacher would need to model the use of
this strategy and provide opportunities for guided practice. Student Needs QAR provides students with the opportunity
to relate to the text, and practice using the text
to answer questions.

Because this strategy can be used with any
text, it lends itself to supporting student
interests. Advantages
prepares students for success on standardized reading assessments
independent strategy but can also be used in small groups
builds comprehension skills Disadvantages not as engaging as a hands-on activity
some students may struggle to compose questions independently
not suited for primary grades Recommendations would work best when teaching inferencing and finding evidence from text
best suited for grades 2 and up
useful for all content but most commonly used for language arts and social studies Research Metacognitive research supports the use of QAR.
This strategy gives students and teachers the language and processes for explicitly monitoring and regulating cognition.
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