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Present Simple

No description

Fernando Lozano

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Present Simple

Britney Spears is an important american singer
famous in all the worls and she is
considered the pop princess. Team members:
Fernandez Rodríguez Estephani Sarahi
Hernández Garrido Danya Liszette
Lozano Rodríguez Luis Fernando Present Simple Bridney Spears She gets up at 8:10 She wakes up at eight o'clock She gets dressed She takes a shower She does exercise at 10 o'clock She has breakfast after
she gets dressed She plays with her
kids She goes shopping from 5:00 to 9:30 She has lunch at 4:00 She has dinner at 9:45 She arrives home at 9:30 She goes to sleep at 10:30 Group: 311 - B She watches t.v. with her kids Simple Present in the video She waits at home.
She envisions as he cheats.
He looks at other women, but she knows .
She likes to clean the house when is alone.
She likes dancing when her boyfriend is going to work.
She cooks breakfast every morning.
She cleans her house finishing breakfast.
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