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Emerging trends in Brand Management

No description

Megha Minda

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Emerging trends in Brand Management

A combination of All !!
What is a Brand?
A Name
A Design, or
Mc Donald's
Coca Cola
Apollo hospital
A Sign
A Symbol
Any questions?
Hero motocorp
Aditya Birla
Any design that can be
remembered easily and quickly reflects a brand !
Looking out into the world today,
it’s easy to see why brands are more

than at any time
in the past 100 years...
when Kraft bought Cadbury
for $19.5 Billion
what did they buy?
The chocolate? The factories?
The recipes? The candy makers?
No they bought the brands!
Or Mahindra
bought Ssangyong,
Korea’s third
largest car company-
again ONLY for the
The Dollar is a world brand.
In essence it is simply a piece
of paper.
But branding has made it valuable.
All the tools of marketing and
brand building have created
its value.
While having a Recognizable Brand is important , it is even more critical that your brand is conceived in a positive and accurate lite....
For that, All the elements ( attributes, benefits, etc) must be conveyed to the customer.
Brand Management
making a promise to the customers and maintaining it
positioning the brand
defining and delivering
Branding is when the brand is marketed to be recognized by more and more people and is easily differentiated from the seller of the same/similar product.
Some Examples:

When Tata Motors of India bought Jaguar and Range Rover from Ford,
what did they buy?
Factories? Raw Materials? Employees?-
Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley helped Ford sell the brands to Tata for $2.56 billion,
and the brands were worth more than all other ingredients combined.
Branding v/s Brand Management
Trend setters....
1. The power of the story...

Word is that John Lewis generated £91m in a single week before Christmas. And a large part of that success was down to an imaginative television ad,

which told the story of a cartoon snowman travelling over mountains, through rivers and across cities in search of the perfect gift for the snow-woman in his life.

This fairytale quite simply succeeded in captivating its audience, to extremely profitable effect.
2. Using Local Knowledge

have done it.

are famous for it.

Brands that show their understanding and respect for local culture are usually onto a winner. It may have to do with a tribal instinct, but ‘when in Rome’… does work in most circumstances.
3. The "social butterfly"
Can you recognize these?
4. Brands will get FIT

One good thing that these brands are doing is focusing on being fit!!
With approx 65% of the world facing weight issues, fitness is in and obesity is on its way out. The message that the nation needs to be fitter is being heard by brands, and they are acting.
Brands are increasingly aligning their messages and actions to focus on health and fitness. From PepsiCo and Burger King to Sesame Street and MetLife, brands are making some big investments to promote public awareness and education and putting their money where their mouth is with big donations to healthy charities.
8. App Savants

Consumers will take greater advantage of "Applications".

But this year those typically small, specialized programs downloaded into mobile devices will move beyond games, GPS, and media, to more personalized applications that monitor, remind, suggest, learn, and know their users’ profiles and preferences. Brands will need to make greater use of such emotional and intimate connections.
7. Personalization

Brand often concentrat
e on making personalized goods for customer
attraction. This creates
a significant segment of consumers craving
customized and person
alized products and services . Customization will
become an even more i
mportant brand differentiators, with returns-on-
investments of loyalt
y and profitability made-to-order for your brand.
5. (E)tail Everywhere

Along with consumer expectations, online retailing increases daily. But increases in brand equity, and usage among online retailers, will come with consumers’desires to be constantly connected to these brands.

Producing, selling, and shopping based on environmentally “Green” production and design, fair-trade and socially conscious consumption is on the rise.
Organisations have also started giving importance to the CSR activities.
6. It’s Not Going to Get Any Easier
Being Green
Lets see who recognizes them first?
Brands Convey....
Uniform quality....
This one is going to be easy...
People don’t have relationships
with products.
They are loyal to Brands.
Brands can activate a passionate group of people to do something like
changing the world.
Products CAN'T really do that.
Brands are..

yet inspirational.
In today’s world,
branding is more
important than ever. There
are plenty of ideas for Branding.
After all- the sky’s the limit !!
Thank you
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