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Yin and Yang- The Creation of the Universe

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Oren Sasson

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Yin and Yang- The Creation of the Universe

The Creation of the Universe: Chinese Mythology Yin and Yang are exact opposites "Then Yin gathered into herself all that was dark and heavy. And, like a thick, plodding mass, Yin sank downward into the Earth and became one with it." (p. 325) Yin Yang "And Yang gathered into himself all that was bright and light. And, the mist, Yang drifted upward into Heaven and became one with it." (p. 325) Is the focus of the myth on the
creator or the creation?
What does it reveal about the culture? Alter Ego *Individual believed to have a counterpart Myth focuses on the creator:
Nu Kua (creator of the first people) and P'an Ku (created sun/earth/land) -Stories exhibit more details about creators and their work to create the world
-Shows people value high authoritarian people more How does the act of creation“balance” the universe?
What dichotomies are established? Everything goes back to Yin and Yang Yin -Woman
-Moon Yang -Man
-Sun The Search "Nu Kua continues to watch over her children.
Her swift, winged dragons pull her thunder-chariot
through the heavens and bring forth the rains that
nourish all that grows upon the earth. And so
the hearts of Nu Kua's children are filled with
gratitude for all that the Mother Goddess has
done for them and for all that she continues to do" (p. 328). Archetypal Characters,
Images, Themes and Patterns Transformation: Mother Goddess Nu Kua's search to create human beings easily P'an Ku went through 9 transformations -Became more godlike than heaven and more wise than earth (spiritual transformation) -P'an Ku grew 10 feet everyday (physical transformation) -caring, kind, maternal instincts Nu Kua "Then Yin gathered into herself all that was dark and heavy. And, like a thick, plodding mass, Yin sank downward into the Earth and became one with it." (p. 325) How does the culture
view gender differences?
In particular, how do they
view women? -People infused with Yang became men
*strong, bright, associated with heaven
-People infused with Yin became women
*weak, dark, associated with earth (evil)
-Today men have more rights then women in China What geographic factors seem to influence the culture?
How does place affect the story? Yellow River -Also known as "Mother River"
*Myth says Nu Kua created all life from clay along shore of the Yellow River China's geography was created from the body of P'an Ku Body Part Creation Head
Right Arm
Left Arm
Left Eye
Right Eye
Flesh East Mountains
West Mountains
North Mountains
South Mountains
Center Mountains
Soil Onto what kind of world
do the humans enter
(utopia, dangerous)? -Kung Kung attached another god, but rammed into a mountain instead which caused destruction (fires/floods/starvation) China suffers from:
-Yellow River floods every year
-droughts NOW Connections *Nu Kua appears in
Dynasty Warriors 3
as a rapier and shield Yin and Yang-
balance in life between
good and evil or
good and bad things QUIZ 1. How many transformations
does P'an Ku go through? 2. From what did Nu Kua create humans? 3. How is the archetype "The Search"
applied in the chinese myths? 4. What is Yin and Yang? 5. Who is the Mother Goddess and how did she show the archetype Earth Mother? *People she made from clay became nobles
*Drops of clay from rope became common folks The End
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