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Emissions in el Salvador

No description

Mariel Quinteros

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of Emissions in el Salvador

Emissions in El Salvador According to FUSADES Resume areas, downtown San Salvador, Soyapango, Cuscatancingo, Apopa, Ilopango and Santa Tecla are considered the most deteriorated in the ozone layer. Today in these times any city in the world escapes from air pollution and many of them often have such high levels of pollution, which can cause death or hospitalization of people, especially the most vulnerable such as children, pregnant and people with respiratory problems. Air pollution is mainly generated by vehicles, the most are in poor condition.

With the new traffic regulations establishing mandatory emissions controls gas for private vehicles and public transport, and the use of catalysts for new and used vehicles entering the country. Pollutant gases are elements that concentrates in high amounts in the atmosphere generate risks and environmental problems and to living beings. A part of the mechanisms of generation of these gases are naturally occurring contaminants such as volcanoes, but the problem arises in industrial processes involving combustion of fossil elements or overuse of road transport among others. The emission throws a lot of consequences which are presented according to the levels presented in each territory and here we provide the most important information from them and the most serious and damaging the world. In our country the Transit General Regulations are required but to meet the requirements of emission control required by New Transit General Regulations, you have two options: first, take the car to the company doing the review and do it with legal regulations established, the second, leaving his car at home, paying a "coyote" and wait calmly certificate of Approval.
And thats one of the reasons that they are a lot of vehicles that doesn't have the requirements In our country the 87.5 % of the air is contamitated we have to do something Christian Mauricio Castillo Barahona Mariel Patricia Quinteros Ramirez
Ruben Eduardo Aguilar Hernandez
Jose Alejandro Marin Najarro
Andrea Marcela Dubón Vega


Teacher: Douglas Arevalo

Primer año de Bachilletato "D"
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