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Representation of Women of Color in the Media

No description

emery childs

on 28 June 2015

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Transcript of Representation of Women of Color in the Media

Misrepresentation of Women of Color in Media
Subtle Racism in Film
Some Films Enforce Exclusion of Minorities by Type Casting

Films Enforce White Dominance by often giving the roles of the 'help' to minorities

Films Perpetuate Stereotypes Instead of Educating
The Video Vixen
Popular Stereotypes Reaffirmed in Media
Lighter skin equates to power & acceptance and importance

Women are Objects

Worth is determined by race

Looks are the most important

"That's Ghetto" phenomenon
Objectification & Oversexuilization
The Media Portrays Women as Property
The Media Exploits Women by Using them as Consumer Incentive
The Mammie Archetype Then & Now
Perpetuating Oversexuialization

Adding to False Perception of Women of Color

Promoting the idea that Black women are erotic creatures that are more permiscuious than other women
The Angry Black Woman
Exclusion in Television
The End
For centuries, Black women have fought for media exposure...

The ones who have made it into the film, radio, TV, and modeling world have been subjected to the prejudice guidelines of the media industry.
Networks often ignore the narrative of Black women in mainstream television.
Black women infiltrated with entertainment industry by playing roles they identified with such as the help.

The advancement of Black women has surpassed "the help" but it is still featured in film.
This narrative is too often used to personify and make fun of Black women in TV & film
Watch the clip for an example
The media's subtle racism, exclusion, and prejudice has promoted the message that the only way to thrive in mainstream media is to culturally
Prejudice in Advertising
Advertising perpetuates racism by equating lighter to better and more valuable

For example, Angel's food cake is yellow and devils food is brown. Everything associated with darkness has a negative connotation
Thank you for watching!
Here is a poem called, "Us-Black Women" Enjoy!
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