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Attendance Management System

No description

liya abraham

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System
Attendance management system is a software developed for marking the daily attendance in colleges and institutes.

It facilitates to access the attendance information of a particular student in a particular class.

In short this system is used to mark the number of days (i.e Present/Absent) in any academic year of students in a college, school etc.

This system will also help in evaluating attendance eligibility criteria of a student.

The software is also able to generate reports automatically.
The following are the objectives of the proposed system: -
To mark the daily attendance of each batch.
To view the daily status of attendance of each batch by the group tutor and the subject teacher.
To find the final attendance percentage to calculate the sessional marks.
To get the various kinds of reports for college purpose.
Proposed System
The proposed system is developed to overcome the limitations of the existing system and to meet the requirements of the staff, group tutor and HOD.
Existing System
The currently used system is a product from TCS.
There exists a login portal for each staff.
The present system currently:-
Displays a timetable for each staff
When clicked on a certain period in the timetable the list of students are displayed.
The teacher then has to mark the attendance of each student

Cons of The Existing System
Not user friendly
Difficulty in report generating
Time Consuming
Efficiency of system is low
Difficulty in calculating percentage
Not possible to restore data once lost.

Pros of the proposed system
User Friendly
Reports are easily generated
Easy calculation of attendance percentage
Not time consuming
Data Restoration is possible
The following are the modules of our system: -
Staff registration
Group tutor registration
Subject addition
Timetable allotment
Subject teacher
Mark attendance
View attendance
Group tutor
View attendance
Generate reports
View profile & edit profile
Change password
Staff registration
Group tutor registration
Subject addition
Time table allotment
Subject teacher
Mark attendance
View attendance percentage
Group tutor
View attendance percentage
Report generation
View profile
Edit profile
Change Password
The constraints that this project did overcome are: -

Establishing separate functions for group tutor, HOD, subject teacher.
Calculating attendance percentage of each student.
Generating pdf report about attendance.
Marking attendance for each student and storing it in database.
Considering forenoon and afternoon section separately.

Future Scope
The future advancements on the system include: -

A new module can be added which sends message to the parents of absentees students.
The system can be linked to android OS and let the teachers mark attendance from their own personal phone.
The system can be developed such that HOD gets the names of absentees for more than 4 days.
The system can be made such that principal gets names of absentees for more than 10 days.
The new system of attendance management provides an effective way to mark attendance.
The system has been developed to meet the required objectives.

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Submitted by: -
Liya Abraham (12018148)
Radhika G (12018161)
Riya Mary Sebastian (12018164)
Rose Maria Dominic (12018168)
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