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Nabil Salam

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Recycling

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
How Saving Paper Can Save Our Mother Earth
By Nabil Salam

Recycling and its significance
Recycling is when finished material are being reused for many purposes.
1. Recycling conserves precious resources that we are greatly overusing such as raw materials.
2. Recycling also saves irreplaceable amounts of energy.
3. Recycling is also protecting the environment in which we are quickly devastating to irreparable means.
4. Recycling will reduce the size of landfills that is ever increasing.
How Paper is made?
Paper is made by first cutting down trees from forests. Next, the timber is turned into wood pulp, which is then transformed into paper.
Recycling is linked towards the context of Globalization and Sustainability because the use of paper is heavily reliant or based on the environment. If we keep on demanding for paper, trees will have to be cut, therefore carbon dioxide will release into the air, leading to global warming.
The Process of Using and reusing Paper
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The Global Context: Globalisation and Sustainability
Works Cited
What is my Personal Project and my Goal?
My Personal Project is to raise awareness regarding paper-recycling and to implement paper-recycling bins in collaboration with a recycling company.
How can we take part in recycling paper in school?
Collect recyclable paper before it becomes part of the trash
Education makes a difference. If students understand why they are recycling, they are more likely to put more effort into it.
Make recycling a school wide activity with events, competitions, and incentives.
Put recycling bins in each classroom and throughout the hallways so that they are easily accessible.
To encourage their involvement, designate a “green team” of student representatives from different grades to monitor the bins.
Mr. Sam, as my Personal Project Supervisor
Ms. Diala, as my tutor
Ms. Tala, as my Personal Project Coordinator
Ms. Samar Bouzeinddine, the school coordinator for AMS
Mr. Graeme, the Librarian
Ms. Kitty, the Principal
Ms. Kathleen, the English teacher
Jamal Salam, my Dad
Diala Soubra, my Mom
Nevine Zarzour, Recycling Operations Controller
Nader Salam, Recycling Program Supervisor
Mr. Madgy, Wellspring Superintendent
Mr. Ahmad, Wellspring Cleaning Management
Outline for this presentation
1. The Importance of Recycling
2. Why Paper-Recycling
3. Global Context
4. How we save Paper?
5. What can we do in our school?
6. Interesting Facts
7. Conclusion
Why Paper-Recycling?
Reduces greenhouse gas emissions that can contribute to climate change by avoiding methane emissions and reducing energy required for a number of paper products.
Extends the fiber supply and contributes to carbon sequestration.
Saves considerable landfill space.
Reduces energy and water consumption.
Decreases the need for disposal (i.e., landfill or incineration which decreases the amount of CO2 produced).

Interesting Facts: Did you know that saving paper can...
Save enough energy to power the average American home for six months.
Save 7,000 gallons of water.
Save 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space.
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by one metric ton of carbon equivalent (MTCE).

Paper is one of the most valuable resources that humans use on Earth. Paper is used for many purposes like writing. Paper however is causing environmental damage on Earth from cutting down trees. To avoid this, we can reuse or recycle our used paper to make them into better products. I will support this by promoting a paper recycling program while I will be making a campaign to raise awareness on paper in my school.
Since my project involves the support of the students and the teachers from my school, I have created a survey to show their opinion about the idea of a Paper-Recycling programme in Wellspring.
Interview Process
Part 1: Ms. Samar Bou Zeineddine, English coordinator for AMS and environemental Activist (AlManar Modern School)

Part 2: Sukleen Interview with Nivine Zarzour, Recycling Operations Manager and Nader Salam, Recycling Program Supervisor
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